Volvo XC90: A sophisticated and luxurious SUV designed with style and safety

Stylish, powerful and dynamic, the Volvo XC90 for sale offers South African motorists a pleasurable ride. From fuel efficiency to impressive safety features there are plenty of reasons to find a Volvo XC 90 for sale. With its powerful engine, the Volvo XC90 2015 offers drivers a dynamic performance. To help you decide if the new Volvo XC90 is the right car for you take a look at its features and specifications.

The Swedish automotive company, Volvo incorporates the needs of their customers into their vehicle design. They aim to make the lives of motorists easier and better. People are at the heart of their designs. The elegant style of Volvo cars complement their practical function. Over the last 88 years the renowned automotive company has used cutting-edge technology to improve the lives of motorists world-wide. Safety is a priority and the cars are designed to offer comprehensive protection for the vehicle’s occupants. The Volvo XC90 price starts at R 804 400.


Design and Exterior of the XC90

The Volvo XC90 has an impressive stance on the city streets. Attention to details is evident in its simplistic design and smooth lines. The excellent craftsmanship of the Volvo XC 90 embodies the superior quality that has come to be expected of Volvo. Its powerful presence is accentuated by its upright grille and strong shoulders. Although the car inspires confidence it is not overbearing. While the rear of other SUVs use horizontal lines, the Volvo XC 90 further distinguishes itself with vertical lines.


If you are looking for a Volvo XC90 for sale there are plenty of models to choose from. The XC90 MOMENTUM is the epitome of luxury. With its comfortable interior and class-leading design it is an appealing vehicle. Intelligent and durable, the MOMENTUM is a great ride. Choices within this line-up include the D4 AWD, D5 AWD, T6 AWD, T8 Twin engine and T5 AWD. The INSCRIPTION boasts stunning details. If you are looking for luxury and elegance, then this is the vehicle for you. Highlights of these models include Nappa Leather as well as a distinctive front grille. Options include the D5 AWD, T5 AWD, T6 AWD and T8 Twin Engine. The XC90 R-Design has an athletic presence. This model was created for motorists who are passionate about driving. Their distinctive character is enhanced by the R-Design and athletic contour seats. Another highlight of these vehicles is their matte silver mirror covers. Options include the D5 AWD, T5 AWD, T6 AWD and T8 Twin Engine.

Sound System and Safety

Driving is made more pleasurable with the XC90’s premium sound systems. The sound systems in these models include Bowers & Wilkens as well as High Performance Sound. Sensus Connect allows you to stream your tunes from your device to the vehicle’s sound system using Bluetooth. Bluetooth and Wifi also make it possible to connect your vehicle to internet using your device. Sensus Navigation will help you to plan your route and find your destination with ease.

The Volvo XC90 2015 year model offers excellent connectivity. With Sensus Connect you can use Bluetooth to stream music from your device. Similarly you can connect your XC90 to internet using your device. Find your way with ease using Sensus Navigation. Apple CarPlay allows you to access your iPhone on the centre display. Other connectivity options are AUX and USB.


Safety is a vital part of the new Volvo XC90’s design. Both passive and active safety features help to keep the vehicle’s occupants safe. IntelliSafe offers support to the driver without compromising on the pleasure of their Volvo experience. Since 1927 Volvo has been committed to contributing to the safety of motorists across the globe. City Safety is an innovative initiative which helps to prevent collisions. Braking in Intersection helps to prevent collisions at junctions. Other highlights are Road Sign Information, Lane Departure Warning as well as Electronic Stability Control. Optional extras include IntelliSafe Surround and IntelliSafe Assist.


Power and Performance of the new Volvo XC90

Another reason to find a Volvo XC90 for sale is its economic fuel consumption. The Eco-Coast function harnesses the vehicle’s kinetic energy to conserve fuel. When the driver removes the pressure from the accelerator at speeds greater than 65 km/h the car cruises with an idle engine. The Stop/Start engine also makes the Volvo XC90 an economic ride. Drive-E displays Volvo’s dedication to their vehicle’s powerful and pleasurable performances. With Drive-E the Volvo offers an excellent performance while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The ECO mode also contributes to the efficiency of this vehicle.


When you are looking for a XC90 for sale there are three models to choose from. The D4 and D5 are equipped with four cylinder twin turbo-charged diesel engines while the T5 has an eight-speed Geartronic automatic transmission. All three models have an engine displacement of 1969 cc. The D4 has front wheel drive while the D5 and T5 have all wheel drive. The D4 produces 190 hp at 4250 rpm with a torque of 400Nm at 1750 – 2500 rpm. The D5 delivers 225hp at 470Nm with a torque of 470 Nm at 1750 – 2500 rpm. The T5 offers 254 hp at 5500 rpm with a torque of 350 Nm at 1500 -4800 rpm.

Find a Volvo XC90 on Auto Mart

Take a look at some of the great deals that you can find on Auto Mart.

  • Volvo XC90 V8 Executive SUV

A 2007 SUV is for sale at the price of R139 995. It has a mileage of 214000km. Extras include a leather interior, Volvo Mags and electric seats.


  • A 2005 CX90 Volvo

Find a XC90 for sale on Auto Mart. This 2005 model is priced at R 99 890. It has a mileage of 192600 km. The vehicle is in good condition. Extras include a sunroof and a cream leather 7 seater interior.


In the market for a Volvo XC90? Why not browse through Auto Mart’s stunning collection of cars? Offering a number of different models, you are sure to find your ideal Volvo XC90 for sale.


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