The Ford Focus RS hitting SA roads in 2016

True to Ford’s reputation for excellence, the 2016 Focus RS is an outstanding ride. With their advanced technology the first RS vehicles became well-known for their success in Rally Sports.   The new Ford Focus RS has a distinctive design and powerful performance which sets it apart from the crowd. Its aerodynamic exterior and turbocharged powertrains contribute to its outstanding performance. The 2016 model will be available in South Africa during the first half of next year.  You can download the Android app, place a free ad or find a Ford Focus for sale on Auto Mart. With the impressive Ford Focus RS specs it is easy to see why the release of this model is anticipated nation-wide.

A Quick Look at the 2016 Ford Focus RS

Not only is the exterior of the Ford Focus RS the epitome of style, it is also excellently crafted to ensure that every aspect of the vehicle has a functional purpose. Its aerodynamic exterior contributes to its superior capabilities. The distinctive spoiler and front grille accentuate the exclusive style of the new Ford Focus RS. These features also contribute to the capabilities of the RS at high speeds. When it comes to finding a Ford Focus RS for sale the 2016 model is the best yet.


The all-wheel-drive system combined with the Dynamic Torque Vectoring contributes to the impressive handling capabilities of the Ford Focus RS. Another advantage of these features is that they increase traction while reducing understeer. This allows the driver to take corners at faster speeds without compromising the vehicle’s stability.


With its innovative design the Turbocharged EcoBoost Engine takes performance to the next level. With its exclusive turbocharger the engine delivers more than 257 kW of power for a performance that is unrivalled in the Ford range. The dynamic performance of the RS means that you can switch between modes to best suit your requirements. Options include Normal, Sport, Track or Drift mode. The mode that you choose affects the responsiveness of the vehicle’s steering as well as its stability control. The design of the RS brakes incorporates innovative cooling technology.


According to Ford the new Focus RS can reach 100km/h in 4.7 seconds. This makes it the fastest accelerating model in its range to date. When compared to its competitors the acceleration time of the RS comes out tops. It has a faster acceleration than the Volkswagen Golf R’s 5.2 seconds and the Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy’s 6 seconds. Its acceleration time is also faster than the Porsche Boxter GTS which goes from 0 to 100kph in 5 seconds. However the Audi RS 3 speeds up faster than the Ford Focus RS by 4 seconds. Not only does the new Ford Focus RS offer exhilarating acceleration it also has a breath taking top speed of 265 kph.


Find a Ford Focus on Auto Mart

You can find a Ford Focus for sale on Auto Mart. Here are some great deals to get you started.

Ford Focus Ambiente

A Ford Focus Ambiente is available for sale in Gauteng. This 2014 model is priced at R 155 000. It has a 1.6 litre engine as well as 5 doors. The mileage of this model is 61000 km. It has a white exterior and FWD. Features of this model include air-conditioning, electric windows and power steering. When it comes to safety this model has airbags and ABS. Central locking, an immobiliser and an alarm help to protect the vehicle from theft.


Ford Focus TI VCT Trend

You can find a Ford Focus 1.6 TI VCT Trend for R 160 000. This 2010 model has a mileage of 68000 km. Highlights of this vehicle include air-conditioning and central locking. It also has power steering, ABS and a CD player. This vehicle has a red exterior and a neat interior with leather seats.


Ford Focus Trend

The Ford Focus Hatch 1.0T Trend is available for R 219 995. This 2015 model has a mileage of 18744 km. It has a manual transmission and FWD.


You can wait for the 2016 model or find a Ford Focus for sale on Auto Mart. Buying second hand is a great way to save money and still enjoy the awesome features of the Ford RS. If you are looking for an athletic car to hit the city streets in then this is the car for you. You can enjoy a thrilling ride while looking good in the Ford Focus. Whether you are commuting to work or heading off on a road trip, you can relax knowing that you will get to your destination without any hassles in the Ford RS.


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