The Sexy Mission E Electric Sports Car from Porsche

When looking for a Porsche for sale, you have always looked for style, speed and an unmistakable design. In September of 2015, Porsche introduced a stunning idea from within its ranks – the first electric car concept from the brand. Creating a jaw-dropping effect that echoed throughout the sports car world, the Mission E is truly one of the amazing concept cars out there today.

Why the Porsche Mission E is such a big deal

Well firstly, it is a Porsche.

Secondly, the Mission E is more than just your average car. It is also not just an electric car. It is a beautiful beast expertly crafted to exhilarate.

It is also the first concept all-electric sports car boasting four seats from this instantly recognisable brand. Because this brand is all about performance and the beautiful roar of a powerful engine, the Mission E concept doesn’t disappoint.

Part of the brand’s e-mobility vision, it was introduced at the IAA in Frankfurt earlier this year and left no mouth closed. Dramatic, sexy and all-electric, this is truly a fine concept car.


Let’s get technical about the Mission E

Endeavouring to build a battery vehicle that is superior to those we see today, the Mission E boasts an 800 voltage system that has a 500 kilometre range and a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour.

Inductive charging is the name of the game, entailing a base plate in your garage. Driving over the base plate, inductive charging begins – easy with no cables and no plugs.

Fitted with two Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), this fully Mission E produces 600 horsepower allowing the Mission E to reach a speed of 100 kilometres per hour in less than three and a half seconds.

Capable of developing its full power even after multiple accelerations – unlike other electric cars today – the Mission E makes use of a need-based all-wheel drive system with Torque Vectoring. This enables the automatic distribution of torque to the individual wheels.

With a precise and sporty steering, this electric car came in at just under eight minutes on the Nurburging Nordschleife.


A look at the exterior and interior

Just about every Porsche for sale today is dramatic in its own way, and this elegant beast is no different.

Boasting stunningly crafted futuristic design details combined with aerodynamic features, the Mission E definitely has the Porsche-look pumping through its veins. Gracing the streets with a height of 1.3 meters, the seductive front features Matrix LED headlights and, with its flat hood, shows its family ties to the 918 Spyder.

With a smooth flow treating the eye to a sexy line and smooth drop to the rear of the car, the Mission E is definitely a recognisable design. Rear fenders and design features that are not only pretty, but functional as well, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of this sexy number’s rear.

You might have noticed that lack of exterior mirrors on this beauty. In truth, they are most definitely there in the form of virtual exterior mirrors. Making use of cameras, images are displayed on the lower corners of the windshield, giving the driver not only a clear view, but also displaying information in regard to safety.

The Mission E is finished off with counter opening doors, a smooth window and roof line, and 22 inch wheels in the rear and 21 inch wheels in the front.


The interior of this sports car is everything you would expect from Porsche – and then some.

A four seater beauty, the brand has truly played to the advantages an electric drivetrain provides. The instruments are– simply put – astonishing. Curved and programmable to the driver’s needs, the cluster itself features five instruments virtually displayed using OLED Technology.

Another awesome element of the Mission E is the fact that your menu navigations are tracked and controlled by your eye movements. The system will detect the instrument and, by pressing a button on the steering wheel, you will have access to that item.

The three dimensional representation of the instruments will also move as you move. Whether you are moving up or down, to the left or right, your instruments will respond accordingly.

All four seats are individual and features a bucket seat design – adding to the sportiness of the car as well as giving the driver and passengers the lateral support that beautifully matches the driving dynamics and performance of the Mission E.


Putting the Sports in Sports Car

The PSM (Permanently Excited Synchronous Machine) high performance motor is so much more than just an electronic motor. It delivers a high power density, a performance that is consistent and a high efficiency, giving you an electric car without sacrificing on the sport.

Fitted with two of these motors – one on the front and one on the rear axle – you can expect a roaring 600 horsepower machine built for enjoyment.

Combining different materials – from carbon fibre and aluminium to different steel types – to achieve a lightweight construction, the Mission E also doesn’t fall short when it comes to creating a low centre of gravity.

Making use of the newest lithium-ion technologies, the battery extends along the full length between the rear and front axles, ensuring that the weight is equally distributed along the wheelbase of the vehicle. The result? A lightweight sports car with a beautiful balance and performance to prove it.

Awesome features and tech in the Porsche

Holographic display is a stunning feature when it comes to the technology in these concept cars. The dashboard of the vehicle is full of new ideas and designs, making use of 2 three dimensional layers.

The top or upper layer integrates the display of the driver while the holographic display between the two layers extend into the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Here you will find all the applications you can select arranged by priority and boasting a 3D effect.

Technology is key in this electric car and Porsche goes all the way. The apps displayed can be controlled touch-free and is in charge of functions such as climate control to navigation.

Gestures activate the sensors – a grasp movement translating to select and while pull gestures translates to control. The centre console also has a touch display so that the passenger or driver can select and control the secondary functions.

Another awesome tech feature is that the Mission E can be configured via a tablet from the brand’s Car Connect. With this owners are able to change the functional content of their vehicle. Updates can also be done via a high-speed data module, allowing for implementations and updates to the infotainment system, chassis and engine.

This Remote Service also allows for a digital key, to be used within a certain time frame. Apart from connecting you to a Porsche Centre (for everything from booking a service appointment to remote diagnostics), the Remote Service with its digital key will allow owners to open the car’s doors. An authorised person, like a family member, will also be able to do this. This digital key needs authorisation and can only be used within a specific time frame and at a specific location.



The specs of the Mission E is different from that of the everyday Porsche for sale. With charging times and range, this might soon be the way the specifications of sport cars will appear.

Porsche Mission E
Power440 kW | 600 hp
Charging TimeCharges 80% in less than 15 minutes
Range> 500 kilometres
System Voltage800 V
Top Speed250 km/h
0 – 100 km/h< 3.5 seconds
0 – 200 km/h< 12 seconds

Ready to find an amazing Porsche for sale? While the Mission E is still one of the many amazing concept cars in the world we can’t wait to see become a reality, you can still treat yourself to an amazing sports car. Find a Porsche on Auto Mart and take on the road with a touch of sportiness.



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