The Honda Goldwing – A luxury journey on 2 wheels

Take some time off to explore South Africa’s magnificent landscape. From majestic mountains to coastal routes, local bikers are spoilt for choice. Get comfortable on the seat of your Honda Goldwing and head off to a new destination. Not only can you set off on your dream holiday, there is space on the Goldwing for a passenger to accompany you. Honda motorcycles have a reputation for outstanding engineering and the Honda Goldwing for sale is no exception. Not only does this bike boast an innovative design, it is also a high quality machine.  While the previous generations have set a high standard, the 40th Edition does not disappoint. If you are looking for a Honda for sale, there are plenty of reasons to consider a Goldwing. When it comes to Honda bikes for sale, this model is a popular choice.


The Innovative Honda Goldwing

The Honda Gold Wing’s innovative design has had an impact on the touring experience of bikers nation-wide. The horizontally opposed engine boasts extreme power and the ultimate performance. Not only are the capabilities of this model outstanding, it also provides a smooth and comfortable ride. Another advantage of finding a Goldwing for sale is that its quality chassis provide bikers with comfort during longer trips. Since it was first released on the market 40 years ago, the Gold Wing has gone from strength to strength. A culmination of years of experience with the latest technology has enabled the Goldwing to maintain its reputation for excellence. Improvements to Honda motorbikes have included larger engines, an increased number of cylinders and superior chassis. The integrated luggage on the later models is also advantageous. If you are interested in finding a Honda Goldwing for sale, take a look at the latest release which is the 40th Anniversary Edition. The 40th Edition badging is situated on the front face cowl as well as the back trunk lid. You will also find it on the glove box.


The original GL 1000 Gold Wing was released in 1975. This machine expanded the horizons of bikers with its powerful performance and cross-country capabilities. The GL 1000 Gold Wing LTD was released in 1976 which was followed by the GL 1100 Gold Wing in 1980. In the fast paced world of motorcycling the Gold Wing has stood the test of time. For the next three decades the machine raised the bar for long-distance bikes. Over the years the bike reached many milestones to evolve into the latest model that is available on the market. In 1985 the GL 1200 Limited Edition was released offering enthusiasts a luxurious ride with computerised fuel injection. In 2005 the Honda Goldwing sales exceeded the 500, 000 mark. The 2006 model takes performance to a whole new level and highlights of this model are its audio system, Comfort Package and motorcycle airbag. Note-worthy features of the 2015 model are a redesigned front fascia as well as a new air intake. Another improvement is its blacked out headlight garnish. Its new instrument panel fonts also add to the appeal of this model. You can find a used Honda Golding for sale online if you want to save money. With their superb reputation buying second hand is a viable option.


Preparation Checklist for a biking trip

If you are the proud owner of a Goldwing and about to set off on tour, check out these useful bike riding tips. Although long biking trips can be exhilarating, it’s best to make sure that you are adequately prepared. Spending some time on preparation helps to make the trip safe too. Make sure you take a spare key with you to prevent yourself from getting stranded. Make sure that you check the weather before you head off on the next leg of your journey. Taking a backpack hydration system with you is a convenient way to prevent yourself from dehydrating in hotter climates. For adverse weather conditions it is best to ensure that your luggage has a waterproof covering. It is also important to check your bike before you start your journey each day. Review the air pressure as well as the oil level. It is advisable to check that your bike is in good condition before you start out. Make sure that your cell phone is charged so that you can use it if there is an emergency. It is also a good idea to buy good quality biking apparel both for safety and comfort. A repair kit is a must have on longer trips but make sure that you know how to use it first.


Now that you know more about this luxury Honda Goldwing touring bike, you can find a Honda Goldwing for sale and take it for a test drive. Auto Mart features a range of Honda motorcycles, each model beautifully suited to your needs.


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