Experience the emotions of driving a racing car in the Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C will transport you to the world of motorsport. From its sporty style to its excellent performance, you can have the chance to experience the emotions of driving a racing car. The Alfa Romeo Giulia and Alfa Romeo 147 are other sought after options and the Alfa Spider is also an awesome choice. If you won’t settle for anything less than the best, consider buying an Alfa Giulietta or Alfa Romeo 4C. You can sell your vehicle or find an Alfa Romeo for sale on Auto Mart.

The Alfa Romeo is the epitome of beauty and style. Centred round the engine, the design of the 4C is flawless. The cylindrical back light clusters fuse into robust back wings which contain the air intakes. The vibrant sides recede into an attractive front profile. The front of the 4C features alluring headlights and a shield-shaped grill with the iconic Alfa Romeo emblem. The 4C embodies the essence of motorsport. Every element of the car’s features supports the focus on aerodynamic function.
Alfa-Romeo-4c-for-saleOnce you step foot into the Alfa Romeo you will be transported into the exciting world of motorsport. Every part of the interior was included with a practical function in mind. The car’s interior puts unnecessary features aside to offer drivers an unparalleled ride. The distinctive body cell is constructed with bare carbon fibre. The seats offer both comfort and support of the racing posture. Their structure and lightweight padding contribute to their practical function. You can add a personal touch to your vehicle by choosing between technical fabric and leather. The controls support the driver so that they can maximise on the 4C’s superior capabilities. Highlights of this model are its aluminium pedals, thermoformed shell dashboard and moulded steering wheel.
Alfa_Romeo_4C_Spider_interiorWith the Alfa Romeo 4C there is no compromise. Performance is the motivation behind every decision in its design. At the heart of its graceful performance is a centrally mounted engine which can be seen through the rear window. Each element of the vehicle builds on from this point. The 4C has a 1750cc turbocharged engine which produces a maximum power of 173 kW at 6000 rpm. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 258 kph. Using cutting edge technology the 4C offers an extraordinary performance while complying with the emission standards of Euro 6.

The 4C was manufactured in Modena with the core of its design being innovative technology as well as quality craftsmanship. The pursuit of excellence is evident in the 4C’s performance and distinctive style. The style and features of the 4C show great attention to detail. The 4C showcases the skills of renowned names in the Italian automotive world. The carbon monologue is produced by the Adler Group while the roll bar and crash-boxes are provided by Emarc. The bodywork in composite material’s high quality is assured by IMR. With so many well-known names involved in the production of the 4C, it is easy to see why this car is known for its excellence.alfa_romeo_4c_spider_for_saleYou can personalise your Alfa Romeo 4C and stand out from the crowd. The Alfa Romeo offers plenty of opportunities to customise your vehicle and make it your own. You can add your unique styling details to reflect your personality or to accentuate the sporty character of the vehicle. Choices of body colours include Black, White and Baselto Grey. If you want to make a bold impression on the roads you can choose between Competizione Red and Alfa Red. When it comes to the interior you can choose between the standard black fabric seats and an option for red or black leather upholstery. You can accentuate the athletic performance of your vehicle by adding the Racing Pack. This includes a double exhaust pipe as well as AR Racing Tyres. Sophisticated accessories that are available for this model include a red car cover as well as a roller suitcase.

Find the perfect Alfa Romeo for sale

Take a look at some of the great deals on the Alfa Romeo for sale on Auto Mart.

  • Alfa Giulietta

You can find an Alfa Romeo Giulietta for sale on Auto Mart. This 2011 model is priced at R 169 990. It has a 1.4 turbo engine. The mileage on this model is 65000 km. This attractive Giulietta has 4 airbags, ABS and leather seats. Comfort and convenience features include air conditioning as well as electric windows.


  • Alfa Romeo Mito

Find an Alfa Romeo Mito for sale on line. This 2010 model is priced at R 124 990. It has a 1.4 turbo engine. The car has a red exterior as well as 17” mag wheels and smash grab tint. Other features of this model are ABS, air conditioning and electric windows.

Alfa_Romeo_for-sale-on-AutoMartKeen to find an Alfa Romeo for sale? Auto Mart is the right place to shop! Offering easy and conveniently browsing, you are sure to find an Alfa Romeo that not only compliments your style, but your budget as well!


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