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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to drive a Hummer. With the manufacturer’s reputation for producing durable and reliable vehicles, it is easy to see why finding a Hummer H3 for sale is a popular choice. If you want the freedom to get off the beaten path then consider buying a Hummer. With so many exciting destinations to explore you can enjoy weekend getaways at more remote locations. Not only is the H3 a great off-road car, it also looks good on the city streets. You can sell your vehicle or find a Hummer for sale on Auto Mart.

The Hummer H3 was produced from 2005 to 2010. This SUV makes a great family vehicle. True to Hummer’s reputation, the H3 has an appearance that is distinctively rugged. The SUV draws instantaneous admiration from onlookers. Although it has tough appearance, its design has been adjusted slightly to appeal to a wider market. Its angular and practical features are juxtaposed by a silver bonnet vent.  The H3 has an aggressive stance on the road and its rugged design exudes confidence. Although its design makes it appear bigger than it is, it was one of the smallest Hummer models when it was released. Its reduced size makes it easier to navigate city streets. Parking the H3 is also much easier than one would expect.


After the impressive impact of the H3’s exterior, the vehicle’s interior is less overpowering. The dashboard has an ergonomical design which offers easy access to control switches. In line with the vehicle’s robust design, the interior has masculine finishes. The bulky gear lever and parking brake add to its strong design. The steering wheel is comfortable and convenient to operate. The seats offer good support for both the driver and passengers. The back passenger seating has a spacious layout.


The H3’s formidable exterior is matched by a powerful performance. With its excellent capabilities, it is uncompromising both on and off road. The 3.7 litre Vortec engine produces a maximum power of 180 kW at 5600 rpm with a peak torque of 328 Nm at 4600 rpm. This model has a 5-cylinder engine as well as a four-speed automatic transmission. Off road the H3 handles more challenging terrain well. Its four-wheel drive as well as its locking centre enable this vehicle to excel when the going gets tough. Its rear differentials also contribute to its outstanding capabilities. The H3 offers flexibility and relatively low road noise. It has 16-inch wheels and large wheel arches. It offers drivers excellent suspension which is handy when heading off-road.


Take a look at some of the great deals that are currently available on Auto Mart. These used vehicles offer great value-for-money. If you want to drive a Hummer for a reasonable price, consider finding a H3 for sale on Auto Mart.


  • Hummer H3 Adventure

You can find a Hummer H3 Adventure for sale with a mileage of 108000 km. This 2007 model is priced at R 169, 900. It has an automatic transmission and AWD. It is being sold in Gauteng.


  • Hummer H3 Adventure

A silver Hummer H3 Adventure is available for R189, 950. This 2007 model has an automatic transmission. It has a 3.7 litre engine and AWD. The H3 has a mileage of 93000 km.


  • Hummer H3 Luxury

The 2008 Hummer H3 Luxury has a mileage of 65000 km. It has a 3.7 litre engine and AWD. This model has a grey exterior. It is priced at R 234,999. Extras include a leather interior as well as electronic windows. The audio system offers radio, CD and MP3 options. Its safety features include ABS and air bags. Air conditioning and electronic seats help to keep the driver comfortable.


  • Hummer H3 Adventure

A silver Hummer H3 Adventure is for sale online. It has a 3.7 litre engine and AWD. The vehicle has a mileage of 165 000 km and is priced at R 175,000. Extras include 4WD, diff lock and electric windows.


Now that you have an overview of the H3 it will be easier to decide if this is the right vehicle for you. An advantage of driving the H3 is that it is capable of traveling both on and off road. It also offers plenty of space for passengers. While it has a robust design, the interior has comfort and convenience features. Optional extras add to the performance of this model. Why not find a hummer for sale and take it for a test drive to see for yourself?

If you are looking for a great deal on a Hummer H3, look no further than Auto Mart where you will find the perfect Hummer for sale at a price that suits your pocket.

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