The new Jaguar XF: Combining technologies for undisputed efficiency

With the Jaguar XF range you can enjoy an incredible ride. From the Luxury model to the R-Sport, Jaguar fans are spoilt for choice with the exclusive XF range. The award-winning design of these models is just another reason to consider finding a Jaguar for sale. Not only does the XF deliver a powerful performance, it also offers an economic fuel consumption. You can sell your vehicle or find a Jaguar XF for sale on Auto Mart.


If you purchase a Jaguar for sale South Africa has beautiful landscapes to explore. You can set off on the weekends in comfort and style to see more of the country’s exquisite destinations. With so many benefits to owning once of these vehicles, finding a Jaguar XF is a popular option.

With different engines to choose from you can pick one that best suits your requirements. The XF boasts exciting state-of-the-art technologies which were designed to enhance your driving experience. This range offers better fuel efficiency as well as decreased carbon emissions. The XF vehicles’ excellent engineering and solid frame contribute to their agile handling capabilities. The XF 8-speed automatic transmission makes driving effortless by monitoring your driving style as well as the road. With its cutting-edge technology the XF delivers an exhilarating ride. Highlights of the XF are its Adaptive Dynamics and Servotronic Steering. Engine choices include the 2.2 litre i4 140kW Turbocharged Diesel engine as well as the extraordinary 3.0 litre 202kW Turbocharged Diesel engine. There is also a choice between four petrol engines. The 2.0 Litre i4 Turbocharged engine delivers 177kW while the 3.0 litre V6 Supercharged engine produces a maximum power of 250 kW. Other options include the 5.0 litre V8 375kW Supercharged engine and the 5.0 litre V8 405 kW Supercharged engine which is available for the XFR-S.


The interior of the XF was designed to complement your fast paced lifestyle and make life simpler. Its comfortable and convenient features ensure that you enjoy every minute inside this sophisticated vehicle. Supple leather seats are both stylish and comfortable. The exclusive design of the seats is complemented by modern aluminium surfaces as well as wood veneers. Simple lines and an ergonomical design add to the appeal of these vehicles. The wide range of options for the interior allows you to customise your vehicle according to your unique style. The infotainment system puts useful information at your disposal as well as offering entertainment options. You can switch between the various offerings with a voice command. The 7-inch touch screen boasts climate control features as well as navigation information. The system provides excellent connectivity for iPod, MP3 and Bluetooth.


When it comes to safety the Jaguar XF for sale is equipped with a variety of protective features. From active to passive safety features this vehicle is designed to get you to your destination without any incidences. Its protective frame features a safety ring which encompasses the cabin. Airbags and a Blind Spot Monitor offer additional protection. Better and more convenient security is offered as you can control the locking system remotely.

There are five different models to choose from in the XF range. With its modern design and stunning craftsmanship the XF Luxury turns heads. This model has an athletic and sophisticated design. The XF Luxury is priced at R 633,300. If you want to enhance the sportiness of your vehicle you can choose the XFR model. As an optional extra you can add the XFR Speed Pack which offers you a maximum speed of 280 kph. The XF R-Sport has an assertive stance on the road. Its athletic design is complemented by a thrilling performance. You can buy an R-Sport for R 821,500. The XF Premium Luxury model is the epitome of style and exclusivity. This model costs R 708,800. The XFR takes performance to the next level with its 5.0 litre Supercharged engine. Its eye-catching exterior design is complemented by a luxurious interior. The XFR has a price tag of R 1,334,300. If you are looking for a powerful sports car, look no further than the XFR-S. The XFR-S costs R 1.472,200.


Find a Jaguar XF for sale on Auto Mart

Now that you know more about the Jaguar for sale take a look at some of the vehicles which are available on Auto Mart.

  • Jaguar XF 3.0 v6

This 2008 luxury model is priced at R 199,990. It has a mileage of 83000 km and a silver exterior.


  • XF Jaguar for sale

A Jaguar XF is for sale on Auto Mart. This 2014 model has a 2.2 i4 diesel engine and is priced at R 369,900. It has a mileage of R 55000 km.


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