The Opel Astra – From a Hot Hatch to the Sport OPC

Whether you are looking for a hot hatchback or a sensible sedan, the Opel Astra range is definitely worth a look. With four different ranges to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect Opel Astra for sale.


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From the Hatchback and Opel Astra GTC for sale to the Sedan and Opel Astra OPC for sale, Opel has a car designed to meet your every need.


The Opel Astra Hatchback

The hatchback in the Astra range from Opel is not only a hot car, but a vehicle that offers a range of standard features, great safety and cool accessories.

A total of four Hatchback models are available ranging to include the 1.4 Turbo Enjoy, the 1.4 Turbo Essentia, the 1.6 Essentia and the 1.6 Turbo Sport.

The new Opel Astra has received a stunning exterior fine-tuning, putting on display a redesigned bumper in the front coupled with a more distinct grille. The grille itself is also new, featuring the well-known Opel logo and a chrome bar with a wing like design.


Moving to the interior of these models, you will find a sleek and sophisticated look that effortlessly melts together to create a luxurious look and feel. All four models comes standard with air-conditioning – a great plus for our hot South African summers – with the 1.6 Turbo Sports model boasting climate control.

When it comes to convenience, the Opel Astra Hatchback has you sorted. With electric front windows standard in all four models, the 1.4 Turbo Enjoy and 1.6 Turbo Sport also come standard with electric windows in the back.

Space is also not a problem in these stunningly convenient models. Featuring ample boot space, a large glove box and door pockets, this interior also offers a versatile centre console and convenient cup holders.


In terms of safety, all the models in this Hatchback range comes standard with both driver and passenger airbags. The 1.6 Turbo Sport, the 1.4 Turbo Enjoy and Essentia comes standard with curtain airbags and a front seat side airbag.

The Opel Astra for sale also boasts side protection bars as part of its passive safety features. The passenger cell in itself is mainly fabricated from high strength steel which in turn is surrounded by deformation zones. Hatchback models also come standard with ABS, Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) and Hydraulic Brake Fade Assist.



The Hatchback models in the Astra range have a McPherson Strut front suspension with the 1.6 Turbo Sport model fitted with a lowered sport chassis. The 1.6 Essentia model has a Compound Crank rear suspension while the other models in the range feature a Watt’s Link rear suspension.

All the Hatchback Astra’s are front wheel drive, petrol models with six speed manual transmission, the exception being the 1.6 Essentia, which has a five speed manual transmission.

1.6 Essentia1.4 Turbo Essentia1.4 Turbo Enjoy1.6 Turbo Sport
Displacement1 598 cc1 364 cc1 364 cc1 598 cc
Power85 kW @ 6 000 rpm103kW @ 4 900 rpm103 kW @ 4 9 00 rpm132 kW @ 5 500 rpm
Torque155 Nm @ 4 000 rpm
Compression Ratio10.8:19.5:19.5:18.8:1
Combined Fuel Consumption6.2 litre per 100 km5.8 litre per 100 km5.8 litre per 100 km6.8 litre per 100 km
Starting PriceR 264 200R 276 000R 287 400R 323 100

Opel Astra Sedan

If you are looking for an elegant saloon car, the Sedan from Opel might just knock your socks off. A four door Astra, the Sedan is available in five models: the Sedan 1.6 Essentia, the 1.4T Essentia, the 1.4T Enjoy, the 1.4T Enjoy A/T and the 1.6T Cosmo.

The exterior features the distinctive Astra look, sporting flowing lines the Astra rear lights, grille and headlights. But it’s not all the same old Astra – with distinctive features like the arching roof line which creates a sweeping decline as it moves towards the rear, the aerodynamic lip at the end of the rear deck and the rear windows flowing with the roof’s lines, you are sure to love its distinctive sportiness and elegance.

The Sedan takes the beautiful sweeping lines to the interior, creating a wraparound instrument panel and delivering surfaces that are covered and textured with elegant grains and soft-to-the-touch materials. With chrome accents, the Sedan offers a driver-oriented cockpit you won’t want to leave.


Safety is also important in this Opel Astra for sale. Boasting a cruise control with a speed limiter – stunning for urban areas – the Sedan models are also equipped with Park Assist and a variety of passive safety features like bumper beams designed for car-to-car low speed accidents, energy absorbing bumpers, and a passenger cell fabricated used mainly high strength steel, which is surrounded by deformation zones.

Other features in the Sedan that work to offer protection include pre-tensioning seatbelts, curtain and side airbags, active headrests and a pedal release system.

The Sedan also offers convenience – from 8 storage facilities and a Bluetooth connection for your phone, the Cosmo Opel Astra offers sport seats (with six adjustment settings), an electric park brake activated via touch and Electronic Climate Control (ECC).



All the Astra’s in the Sedan range are front wheel, petrol models. With a 56 litre tank capacity, these models have a six speed manual transmission, with the exception of the 1.6 Essentia (which has a five speed manual transmission) and the 1.4T Enjoy A/T (which has a six speed automatic transmission). The 1.6T Cosmo also boasts a lowered sport suspension.

The Sedan models all have McPherson Strut front suspensions and Watt’s Link rear suspensions, with the exclusion of the 1.6 Esentia model, which has a Compound Crank rear suspension.

1.6 Essentia1.4t Essentia1.4T Enjoy1.4T Enjoy A/T1.6T Cosmo
Displacement1 598 cc1 364 cc1 364 cc1 364 cc1 598 cc
Power85 kW @ 6 000 rmp103 kW @ 4900 – 6000 rmp103 kW @ 4900 – 6000 rmp103 kW @ 4900 – 6000 rmp132 kW @ 5500 rpm
Torque155 Nm @ 4000 rpm200 Nm @ 1850 – 4900 rpm200 Nm @ 1850 – 4900 rpm200 Nm @ 1850 – 4900 rpm230 Nm @ 2200 rpm
Compression Ratio10.8:19.5:19.5:19.5:18.8:1
Combined Fuel Consumption6.2 litre per 100 km5.8 litre per 100 km5.8 litre per 100 km6.4 litre per 100 km6.8 litre per 100 km
Starting PriceR 264 200R 276 000R 287 400R 297 900R 308 600

Opel Astra OPC

The Opel Astra OPC for sale is a stunning option if you are looking for something that has both speed and beauty. With a masculine body, this Opel Astra boasts specially crafted side skirts, bumpers and an aerodynamic roof spoiler.

The interior is no different, offering sporty luxuries you will fall in love with. Taking sport interior to an awesome level, you will have stainless steel pedal covers, a flat-bottomed steering wheel (leather and featuring all your needed convenience controls) and lowered seats, giving you that race feel and look.

With a spacious interior and dual zone air-conditioning (entailing a charcoal filtering Electronic Climate Control), the interior of your Astra OPC not only features smooth, sporty lines, but offers convenience and comfort at the tips of your fingers.


Folding the rear seat, your load capacity goes from 370 litres to 1 235 litres. Another stunning feature found in the Opel Astra OPC for sale is the three position flex floor, allowing for versatile loading that won’t hold you back.

Comfort is effortless in the Opel Astra for sale. Having sport leather trim seats (with eight height adjustment settings), the driver and passenger seats are not only heated, but also has manual cushion extension.

The OPC model is also fitted with the Radio CD600 with IntelliLink Connectivity system, seven speakers, a colour information display and an on-board computer.

In terms of safety, the OPC uses various passive and active features to protect its occupants. With Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) for enhanced visibility, headrests that will move forward in the instance of an impact (helping to reduce whiplash and protecting the passenger’s upper body) and a Pedal Release System which will help reduce lower leg injuries by detaching the pedals in accidents where major stresses are concerned.

Other safety features of the Astra OPC includes a high strength passenger cell surrounded by deformation zones, bumpers capable of absorbing energy on impact, curtain and side airbags, and seatbelt pre-tensioners.



A six speed front wheel drive model, the Opel Astra OPC is a petrol model that is fitted with a Watt’s Link rear suspension, HiPerStrut front suspension and Brembo front and rear brake discs. This Astra also has alloy wheels, a lowered GSI sport chassis and is fitted with ESP (Electronic Stability Programme).

Astra OPC 2.0T
Displacement1998 cc
Power207 kW @ 5500 rpm
Torque400 @ 2500 – 4500
Compression Ratio9.3:1
Combined Fuel Consumption7.8 litre per 100 km
Starting PriceR 486 500

Opel Astra GTC for sale

A combination of style and sport, the Opel Astra GTC for sale is a great option if you want the best of both worlds. Taking the sportiness of the Astra to a whole new level, the GTC has a unique coupe style and features the signature design aspects – from the front chrome bar to the trapezoid grille.

The exterior is distinct featuring wraparound headlights, wheel arches that are beautifully flared and sill mouldings that are smoothed. Flaunting a muscular look, the side windows have chrome surrounds, LED tail lamps and a strong shoulder line.


Luxury in the interior is a definite. With a combination of Nappasoft leather and suede, the GTC features silver itching, a three spoke leather steering wheel and heated front seats. The sport seats in this model has eight height adjustments for the driver‘s seat and four adjustments for the passenger seat.

Fitted with the Infinity Sound System and boasting Electronic Climate Control (ECC), the GTC has the same storage features as offered in the Opel Astra Sedan (which includes Flexi Floor) as well as a functional 60/40 rear seat split.

In terms of safety, the Opel Astra GTC for sale features High Beam Assist (HBA). Like seen in the OPC, this Opel Astra for sale is also equipped with a Pedal Release System, Passive Safety features (like deformation zones, side and curtain airbags) and Active Safety Features like the Active Headrests designed to protect the head and upper body of the passenger in case of accidents.


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A six speed manual, front wheel drive model in the Astra range, the GTC has a 56 litre tank capacity and is fitted with a Watt’s Link rear suspension. A petrol model, the Opel Astra GTC for sale has a HiPerStrut front suspension, alloy wheels and a top speed of 220 kilometres per hour. With an acceleration of 8.3 seconds (0 to 100 km/h), this Astra has a luggage capacity of 380 litres and a combined CO2 Emission of 168 grams per kilometre.

Astra GTC 1.6 T Sport
Displacement1598 cc
Power132 kW @ 5500 rom
Torque230 Nm @ 2200 – 5400 rpm
Compression Ratio8.1:1
Combined Fuel Consumption7.2 litre per 100 km
Starting PriceR 351 200

Ready to find an Opel Astra for sale that not only meets your needs, but fits your budget as well? From a new to a used model, you are sure to find the Opel Astra of your dreams on Auto Mart!


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