The new BMW M4: Drive the champion in efficiency

If you are looking for a BMW M4 for sale, the new Coupe is a stunning option. A truly gorgeous BMW M4 model to hit our streets, this Coupe is definitely worth considering if you are an M4 fan.


The M4 Coupe BMW for sale is equipped with Start-Stop functionality and boasts stunning features that range to include Launch Control and Real Time Traffic Information for the driver on-the-go. Other notable features of this sexy Coupe include the optional Adaptive M Suspension and BMW Connected.

Interior of the M4 Coupe

Like all M4 BMW models, the Coupe is the picture of beauty and elegance. Its cockpit not only oozes sophistication, but boasts intuitive controls that are easily reachable. The M steering wheel features the M Drive controls, conveniently placed to help you easily activate your personal setup and, for the Coupe models that feature M Double-Clutch transmissions, the gearshift paddles as well.

The new Coupe also boasts a sporty instrument panel as well as redeveloped M seats. These seats have headrests, countered sides and raised elements, giving you exceptional lumbar support as well as the ability to adjust your seat width.


Supporting dynamic driving, the M seats, which are deep set, not only lowers the vehicle’s centre of gravity, but is made of lightweight material, helping to lower the weight of the Coupe. Supporting your body, these seats are marked by the M logo and not only delivers a distinct look, but functionality as well.
M Driver Orientation is the BMW M series’ ergonomic concept entailing an interior cockpit designed with the driver in mind. Enabling short reaction times, this intuitive cockpit draws from racing, allowing you to be in control of your BMW M4.

Upholstery colours available for this BMW for sale in South Africa range to include Black, Sakhir Orange, Silverstone and Sonama Beige (al in full, fine-grain Merino leather). You also have a range of options when it comes to interior trims including aluminium blade with black chrome accent trims, black, and carbon fibre with a black chrome accent trim.


Exterior of the BMW M4

Aside from having a gorgeous interior, the M4 BMW Coupe is just as pretty on the outside as it is on the inside. With striking air inlets cooling the powerful drive train, this muscular beauty with an extended bonnet depicts the start of a new line of sporty and powerful Coupes.

Dynamic, the Coupe features twin tailpipes and the signature M kidney grille (with its double slats) we have all come to admire and love. The M4 Coupe is designed to be aerodynamic in every way with even the exterior mirrors being aerodynamically optimised.

Slightly separated from the vehicle itself with supports, the exterior mirrors are fitted with LED indicators and is not only a functional aspect of the Coupe, but a design feature as well.


The wheels of this BMW M4 for sale are weight optimised and designed to optimise grip and steerability, delivering light alloy wheels that are not only striking, but adds a muscular touch and sportiness to the M4 Coupe.

Allowing you to see the M Carbon Ceramic Brakes (or the M Compound Brakes boasting the M logo), the 19 inch M Wheels (boasting a double spoke design) is available in either Black or Ferric Grey. You can also opt for the 18 inch M Wheels that feature a stylish V-Spoke design.

Some of the available colours for the Coupe range to include Silverstone, Mineral Grey, Austin Yellow, Sakhir Orange and Yas Marina Blue.

Safety in the M4 BMW

Safety is an important aspect of the BMW M4 for sale in South Africa, and the new Coupe is definitely no exception. Utilising full LED technologies, the Coupe features Adaptive LED headlights, with variable light control, and technologies that range to include high and low beam headlights, daytime running lights, an anti-dazzle assist, as well as integrated turn indicators.

Note that these LED lights are not only a safety feature of the Coupe, but a design one as well, flaunting elongated lines that are striking and sure to grab attention.

Like the other models in the M4 range, this BMW features Adaptive and Passive safety features.


BMW’s Active Protection feature is a great optional extra, sending the driver warnings if it detects signs of tiredness. In critical instances, this system will return all the electronic seats to upright positions, pretension the seatbelts, close the sliding roof and windows, and if an accident should occur, the system is able to brake the vehicle, bringing it to a stop.

In terms of pedestrians, the BMW M4 Coupe boasts a shock absorber in the front, helping to reduce the severity of leg injuries should an accident occur. The bonnet also boasts deformation elements which forms a crumple zone that aids in absorbing energy caused by impact.

This BMW for sale also has supporting structures made from multi-phase steel, helping to protect passengers without adding too much weight to the vehicle itself. Featuring deformation zones at the rear and front responsible for absorbing the impact of a collision, this vehicle also boasts strong side skirts and B-pillars responsible for protection in the case of side collisions.

Tech and Features in the BMW M4 Coupe

The Coupe is fitted with Park Assist – a system that, when you are driving slow enough (about 35 kilometres per hour), will measure the parking gaps you pass when it is activated. After a gap has been identified, you simply switch on your indicator and Park Assist will take over the steering. Note that you will still be in control of the brakes, gears and indicators. You will receive instructions on your Control Display, allowing you to park without the hassle.

The BMW Head-Up Display is another great feature found in the BMW M4. With a very dynamic M display, drivers are able to see a vast amount of information (from the gear you are in and navigation instructions, to a digital speedometer and information regarding speed limits) at eye-height, allowing your gaze to stay on the road.

The M4 Coupe also features a very cool camera system giving you a rear and surround view. Incorporated into this system is Park Distance Control (PDC) at both the rear and front. Your surround view is also shown on your display, giving you a great birds-eye-view.

An optional for the BMW M4 for sale, the Driving Assist is a system that smartly combines the vehicle’s camera-based systems (which includes Departure Warning, Pedestrian Warning and Approach Warning) with the City Brake Activation function.

In instances where lane changes occur without the use of an indicator, the Lane Departure Warning will inform the driver via a vibration in the steering wheel as well as a visual on the display. The Approach Warning coupled with the City Brake Activation caters for approaching vehicles, while the Pedestrian Warning reacts to pedestrians.

This pedestrian system reacts in two ways. First, the driver will be warned via a symbol in his or her instrument cluster which will then be followed by an audible alarm. In instances of a potential collision, the Pedestrian Warning system triggers in a single stage, sounding an alarm, giving a visual warning in your display and preconditioning the brakes to enable a faster response. In emergency events, the system will automatically apply the brakes.

Another awesome feature found in this BMW M4 is the iDrive Touch Controller which enables you to conveniently operate your iDrive system with one hand. It features an integrated touchpad and allows you to access a large selection of functions.


BMW M4 Coupe Specifications

With a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour, the BMW M4 for sale is a beast on the road. With an EU6 emissions rating and wheels made of light alloy, the Coupe has a luggage compartment of 445 litres and a ground clearance of 121 millimetres. Standing 1 383 millimetres high and with a rear overhang of 1 603 millimetres, the Coupe has a length of 4 671 millimetres and a width of 1 870 millimetres.

Fitted with the M TwinPower Turbo Engine, these Coupes feature two mono-scroll turbochargers, variable camshaft control, fully variable valve timing and high precision direct petrol injection. The M4 Coupe is available in either a six speed manual or a seven speed Double Clutch Transmission.

BMW M4 Specs7 Speed

Find a BMW M4 Coupe on Auto Mart

If you are looking for a BMW M4 for sale in South Africa, you can expect to pay around R 1 059 500 (for the six speed manual transmission Coupe) and R 1 108 000 (for the seven speed Double Clutch Transmission).

Auto Mart features a selection of new and used M4 BMW models that will suit your style and maybe even your pocket. Some M4 Coupe models on Auto Mart include:

  • BMW 4 Series M4 Coupe 2015

With 1 200 kilometres on the clock, this BMW for sale is white in colour and features Mineral White Metallic Upholstery. Featuring an M Double Clutch transmission with Drivelogic, this model is jam-packed with awesome goodies including the Extended Light Package, Park Assist, Head-Up Display and a driving plan that is active until 2020 or 100 000 kilometres.


  • Manual BMW M Series M4 Coupe

With a price tag of R 999 950, this Maroon coloured model has 10 500 kilometres on the clock and features leather upholstery, a multi-function steering wheel and xenon lights, to name but a few of its features.


  • M4 BMW Coupe 2015

Priced at R 1 100 000, this M4 Coupe has 8 730 kilometres on the clock and 19 inch wheels. White in colour, this six speed manual model features white upholstery and satellite navigation.


Now that you know all about the M4 Coupe, aren’t you itching to find a BMW M4 for sale? From new to used BMW M4 models, you are sure to find the one that best suits your unique style.

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