Red Bull X Fighters: The World Tour returning to Pretoria

Last year the Red Bull X Fighters tore up the Union Buildings grounds, and they are coming back to amaze and astound us with their high flying antics on the 12th of September 2015. Not only will you see some amazing tricks and stunts, but also some of the most cutting edge motorbikes for sale.

The Red Bull X-Fighters series is the most popular and prestigious FMX (freestyle motocross) event of its kind in the world. The motocross riders go up against each other in a series of knockout rounds in front of massive, sell-out crowds. This all takes place at some of the most iconic arenas and places around the world. Some of the best FMX riders on the planet try to out trick each other with high flying, gravity defying stunts that are guaranteed to amaze and astound those who are brave enough to watch. The competition is by invitation only and there are five judges who give the riders points for various things such as style and course usage. Points are given out after each leg and at the end a winner is declared.


For the second time, the event will be taking place at the picturesque Union Buildings in Pretoria on the 12th of September. The seat of the South African government, and highest point in Pretoria, will feature twelve of the nineteen FMX riders that are competing in the Red Bull X Fighters. Last year there were 22,000 fans at the event so make sure you don’t miss out this year. Get your tickets now to avoid disappointment.


Ticket prices are as follows:

VIP Hospitality tickets – R1950.00
Grandstand tickets – R645.00
Unreserved Standing tickets – R295.00

Red Bull X Fighters has also partnered up with the Uber taxi service. If you sign up here:, and follow the instructions, you will get R200 rand off of your first ride. There is also free park and ride on the event day. All Red Bull X Fighters Pretoria ticket holders can get from Fountains Valley to the Union Buildings for free.


Image Credit: Uber South Africa

Not only will there be amazing tricks and stunts that are sure to leave you in awe, but for the petrol heads out there, there will also be some amazing bikes tearing up the track. The riders at the RedBull X Fighters event in Pretoria will be driving stock motocross bikes that are heavily modified. Mat Rebeaud´s bike, as an example, will be the most modified on the day. It has a custom exhaust system with a ‘bomb’ fitted to it that allows for maximum power when you open up the throttle. There are extra grip holes and grip tape that has been fitted to the bike to allow for extra places to hold the bike when they are performing their stunts. It will have a stabiliser bar, extra wide handle bars and flip levers that sit above the handle bars to stop Mat from over rotating when he is flipping the bike. Lastly, it will have custom shock absorbers and foot pegs to distribute the load when landing the bike. If this kind of thing gets your motor revving then you should take a look at the Auto Mart website for motorbikes for sale.

For your benefit, the Red Bull X Fighters have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts that you should abide by to make the event an awesome experience for everyone involved…


  • Arrive early to makes sure you are not in a rush at the end. You can expect traffic congestion, so be patient and plan your trip accordingly. The event has only unreserved seating and the standing area works on a first come first served basis.
  • Make sure you wear a hat and sunscreen as there is very limited shade.
  • Bring enough cash. There will be food at a few different vendors as well as a few public bars open throughout the day. There are no ATMs or speed points at the event.
  • Please do bring your camera and or smartphone – the organisers want you to share your photos on their social media channels #xfighters @RedBullZA @xfighters on the day
  • Dressing up is encouraged – flags, face painting, screaming and shouting are encouraged.



  • Try to access the track or riders’ pits.
  • Bring anything that might block the view for others, including chairs, ladders, gazebos, umbrellas or anything else resembling these items. This is a high flying event, so a lot of the action takes place up in the air. Don’t spoil it for others.
  • Bring your own food or alcohol. There will be plenty of vendors and bars at the event.

Image Credit: @RedBullZA

The Red Bull X Fighters concept was conceived all the way back in 2001 and has grown to become the most exciting and respected freestyle motocross tour on earth. The world’s best motocross riders will be showing off their awesome tricks and original flair. If you are more interested in the rides than the tricks, take a look at Auto Mart to find motorbikes for sale or place a free advert to sell your motorbike.

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