The BMW M3 and the possibility of a plugin hybrid

Sleek, sporty and sophisticated – the BMW M3 for sale is beauty, smart design and speed combined to create an unforgettable drive car enthusiasts are unable to resist. Boasting classic M lines and features, the BMW M3 Coupe and Sedan are a striking feature on roads across the world.

If you are thinking of finding an M3 for sale, or just want to know what makes it so special, our team investigates the interior, exterior, safety features and some specs of the latest Coupe and Sedan models in the series.


The Sporty BMW M3 Coupe

A look at the Interior

This BMW Coupe is as sexy on the inside as it is on the outside. Designed with the driver in mind, this M3 Coupe is luxuriously gorgeous inside. Featuring long, flowing lines and beautiful, circular dials we have all come to know and love in the M3, it also has the M seat with memory function and perfectly placed iDrive Controls.

The carbon structure leather trims combined with the extraordinary features of the M series, this BMW Coupe is (and looks) like no other.


M3 BMW Exterior

A beautifully designed coupe, this M3 has a sporty look flaunting elongated lines that makes it a feature on South African roads.

With a front designed to accommodate a powerful V8 engine, the Coupe has a muscular rear to facilitate a wider track and a total of four tailpipes – a sexy sport car that is ideal for everyday use. Featuring optimised aerodynamics – even down to the side mirrors – downforce is both increased and cooled at the same time.

While the left opening, located near the powerdome, allows for extra air intake into the air plenum, the front air dam, with air inlets integrated, cools the engine. To complete the aerodynamic features, the rear apron, which has a diffuser, aids in a more controlled air flow along the underbody of the car.


Safety in the BMW Coupe

Fitted with compound brakes, the coupe does not compromise on driving pleasure. With the activation of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and the M Dynamic Mode, your driving ambitions have a free will. Not compromising on safety, DSC does not intervene immediately, allowing for a great driving experience – meaning your drive slip (transverse and longitudinal) increases at all speeds.

Available as an extra on the Coupe, Adaptive Headlights are a great safety feature to have. Measuring your steering angle and speed, electromechanical motors angle the cups of the lights in the best possible direction, more effectively lighting up your path.

Because this coupe offers a sport like driving experience, safety is very important. This is why the M3 Coupe features a very comprehensive safety package which includes airbags for the driver and passengers. This safety system is also in charge of the seatbelt tensioners, cutting the fuel pump and deactivating the central locking.


BMW M3 Coupe Specs

The M3 BMW Coupe has a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour and goes from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 4.8 seconds for the manual and 4.6 seconds for the automatic. The manual has a standing start (0 to 1 000 metres) of 23.3 seconds for the manual and 22.9 for the automatic.

With light alloy wheels and a luggage compartment of 430 litres, this BMW M3 for sale has a fuel tank capacity of 63 litres, an overall length of 4 615 millimetres and a width of 1 804 millimetres.

The M3 Coupe is available in two models:

M3 CoupeM3 Coupe M-DCT
Maximum Output309 kW at 8 300 rpm309 kW at 8 300 rpm
Maximum Torque400 Nm at 3 900 rpm400 Nm at 3 900 rpm
Fuel Consumption12.4 litre per 100 kilometre11.9 litre per 100 kilometre
CO2 Emissions295 gram per kilometre285

Sophisticated BMW M3 Sedan

The interior of the BMW Sedan

With sport, style and luxury in mind, the interior of the Sedan is irresistible. Fitted with new M seats boasting an M Logo, the beautiful interior layout we all love in the M series shines through. Elongated lines, a cleverly designed instrument panel and a stunning centre console all adds to the functionality and beauty of the interior.

Featuring high quality aluminium surfaces and awesome tech, the interior of this M3 for sale is sophisticated, versatile and will give the person behind the wheel an unforgettable driving experience.


A look at the M3 Exterior

Developed to deliver maximum performance, the Sedan in the M3 series features large air inlets and stunning LED headlights. Adding to its sporty look, the roof of the Sedan is crafted from black carbon and not only reduces the overall weight of the car, but also lowers the vehicle’s centre of gravity.
While the Air Breather and Air Curtain (sporting M gills) adds aerodynamic features, the four tailpipes delivers an unmistakeable sound that no M enthusiast can resist.

The front grille boasts black slats and the iconic M emblem, adding a rounded-off touch to a beautiful piece of art with wheels.


Safety in the BMW Sedan

Like with the Coupe, safety is a big deal in the Sedan. Safety is ensured with supporting structures crafted from multi-phase steel boasting high levels of strength while still keeping the car’s weight as low as possible.

If this vehicle is involved in a collision, the impact is channelled away from the passengers to other parts of the vehicle (like the undercarriage or roof) and effectively absorbed by the front and rear deformation zones.

In a side collision scenario, passengers are effectively protected by the strengthened structures in the side skirts and B-Pillars, and impact protection in the doors.

Safety is even in mind for pedestrians. Boasting shock absorbers in the area between the bumper cover and the bumper (in the front), the risk of severity of leg injuries are reduced. The bonnet also features deformation elements responsible for forming crumple zones in a collision and absorbing shock.
An optional in this BMW M3 for sale is the Active Protection package. This package involves pre-tensioning seatbelts in critical situations, closing windows and sunroofs in cases of an accident, and even returning electronic seats to an upright position. The system can even detect signs of tiredness in the driver.


BMW M3 Sedan Specs

With a top speed the same as the Coupe (250 km/h), this M3 for sale has an acceleration (0 – 100 kilometres per hour) of 4.3 seconds for the manual and 4.1 seconds for the automatic. The Sedan has a ground clearance of 120 millimetres, a length of 4 671 millimetres and a width of 1 877 millimetres.

Featuring light alloy wheels and a 2 979 cc engine, this creation from BMW has a luggage compartment of 480 litres and a fuel tank capacity of 60 litres.

M3 Sedan
Maximum Output317 kW at 8 500 rpm – 7300 rpm
Maximum Torque550 Nm at 1 850 rpm – 5 000 rpm
Fuel Consumption8.8 litre per 100 kilometre
CO2 Emissions204 gram per kilometre

The future of M3 BMW – A Plugin Hybrid?

Over the past couple of weeks reports have surfaced that BMW is planning on releasing an M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe Hybrid Plug-in. This report entails that the M3 will be launched with a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

Using tech from BMW’s sub-brand – the eco-friendly i – this release will feature a 3.0 litre twin-turbocharged straight-six engine (which is similar to the one found in the current models). This new BMW hybrid will then also feature either one or two electric motors.


With this configuration, the straight-six will be responsible for spinning the rear wheels in the normal driving conditions, while the electric motor will spin the front wheels whenever an extra shot of power is needed.

While the battery packs will add extra weight to the vehicle, BMW will employ lighter materials (such as carbon fibre). Do note however that these batteries are becoming lighter and this new plug-in hybrid is only set to touch tar in 2020 – enough time to develop the tech, don’t you think?

Why this hybrid technology? Well, reports say that this tech will allow BMW to give the M3 more power while still staying within the emissions and fuel economy regulations – regulations that are expected to come into play in the next couple of years in the EU.

With nothing yet officially confirmed, BMW M3 fans will have to wait and see if this plug-in will become a reality.

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