Revolutionising the sports car: The hybrid BMW i8

With a lot of car companies going electric nowadays, it’s no surprise that the BMW i8 hybrid has been created. BMW promises that this new addition to their fleet has the power of a super car but the consumption and emission values of a compact vehicle. According to the German car manufacturers, the BWM i8 for sale has the ‘’perfect synchronisation of electric motor and combustion engine’’.


We take a look at the the many features of the i8 BMW and why this sport car is such a marvelous piece of engineering.

Exterior of the i8

At first glance the i8 screams sports car. Its low profile and wide frame perfectly complement its stealthy look as it hugs the ground on its approach. The design is very functional too. BMW went to great lengths to make this vehicle as aerodynamic as possible. The long drawn out lines go perfectly with the car’s flat silhouette. This is not just design, its art. From the front to the rear, the car has a very dynamic appearance which changes from whatever angle you look at it. All of these design features may be revolutionary, but the i8’s striking double kidney grill makes this vehicle’s origins clear, it’s all very BMW.


So much emphasis has been placed on aerodynamics that the doors don’t even get in the way. The BMW i8 comes with scissor doors. These doors swing upwards when opened and perfectly compliment the car’s beautiful lines. Even the door handle is tucked away on the inside of the door panel.

The lights used on the i8 BMW are just as efficient as the car they sit upon. Almost every single lighting aspect of the car uses LED. The only part that doesn’t is the optional high-beam headlights that make use of BMW’s laser light technology. These lights are brighter than conventional headlights and give off an unmistakable blue band across the headlight that just adds to the BMW i8’s appeal.


BMW i8 Interior

The very sporty look of the BMW i8 for sale is continued into the vehicle’s interior. Everything is light and dynamic. It has been designed to fit the human body in the most unobtrusive way possible. Even the gear lever and central consoles are molded to ‘’face’’ the driver. You can actually see just how lightweight the car is from the use of visible carbon throughout the vehicle. The tanned plant leather interior, manufactured from olive leaf extract, and the lightweight and recycled materials in the vehicle prove that sustainability doesn’t have to mean low quality. BMW is showing us where the future lies.



You put your foot down and suddenly accelerate with little more than a barely audible electric hum. It’s unexpected and exhilarating. The beauty of electrics is that there is no clutch to worry about or transmission to wait for. There are no lubricants or filters to change, just direct power to the rear wheels.

The BMW i8 is built in a very unique way. The sports car has two entirely separate powertrains, one works with the electric motor and the other with the petrol engine. In the front we have the 96kW electric motor, which draws energy from a battery pack, to drive the front wheels. Then a turbocharged, 131-horsepower, 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine powers the rear wheels. To get the most acceleration and output out of the car, both powertrains can function in unison. This turns the new BMW for sale into a four wheel drive coupe. When the two motors combine, the BMW i8’s total output reaches 362 horsepower. The i8 is able to accelerate to 100 km per hour in a claimed 4.4 seconds.


Refueling your i8 BMW

The new BMW i8 for sale can be charged from the 15A socket at home (although it’ll take all night!). They do have charging stations set up at all the major BMW dealerships, but BMW has partnered up with Nissan to roll out a fast-charging infrastructure in South Africa. BMW has also hinted at possible solar powered charging stations that will be set-up in the future, which could take your i8 BMW off the grid. BMW says that you can get just under 40 km worth of driving just from the electric motor. When you need that extra power, the three-cylinder turbo petrol kicks in nicely. You won’t even notice that you are driving a hybrid.


Price wise, the BMW i8 comes in at R1 755 000. As far as super cars go, that’s quite reasonable. It’s a very good supercar, even with its green heritage.


The BMW i8 for sale is a great choice if you are looking for an efficient sports car. It’s functional, sporty, fast and sure to raise a few heart rates… Use Auto Mart to find and compare prices for either a new or a used BMW for sale.

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