Extravagant Design and Technology meet in the new BMW X6

Reach past your limits in the all-new BMW X6. If you are looking for a BMW for sale, the X series is a great option. Offering drivers an exclusive ride, the BMW X6 price starts at R 985 500. The BMW SUV will put you ahead of the competition and allow you to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to finding a BMW X6 for sale, you can browse through a range of great deals online. Sell your vehicle or find an X6 for sale on Auto Mart. To get you started here is an overview of the newest BMW X6.


Interior Design of the X6 BMW

The interior design of the BMW X6 is an exquisite blend of sportiness and elegance. With its top quality craftsmanship the interior exudes exclusivity and luxury. Its ergonomical design is enhanced by clear structures. When you enter the X6 BMW the attention to detail in its design is immediately apparent. Distinctive to BMW, the cabin is designed to offer the driver comfort and convenience. The athletic design of the seats ensures that the vehicle’s occupants are offered a comfortable ride even during more challenging road conditions. The interior contours, contrasting surfaces and quality materials add to the appeal of the BMW X6. Quality materials, leather equipment and exclusive trims are just some of the highlights of this model.


A look at the Exterior

With its strong lines and broad stance the BMW X6 for sale commands attention on the road. Its dynamic design makes it a popular choice among BMW fans. The vehicles bold front is enhanced by eye-catching air inlets which hint at this model’s powerful performance. The big double kidney grille emphasises the BMW X6’s sporty elements. The double headlights are another exclusive detail of this BMW for sale, its fog lights offering better visibility during adverse weather conditions.


To take the eye-catching exterior design a step further, it can be fully equipped with LED lights. This innovative lighting option includes BMW Selective Beam, cornering lights as well as Adaptive Headlights. Light distribution is altered according to the speed of the vehicle and its steering angle. The light mimics daylight and reduces fatigue while driving. The excellent lighting contributes to the impressive exterior design and increases the safety of this model.

The lightweight construction of the vehicle’s frame offers a pleasurable driving experience as well as a better fuel efficiency. The aerodynamic design of its body decreases resistance and offers BMW X6 owners a more affordable fuel consumption.

Specifications of the BMW X6

When it comes to performance the BMW X6 does not disappoint. The xDrive35i has a maximum power output of 225 Kw at 5800 – 6400 rpm with a maximum torque of 400 Nm at 1200 – 5000 rpm. It has a fuel consumption of 8.5 l/100km and CO2 emissions of 198 g/km. The xDrive 50i delivers 330 kW of power at 5500 – 6000 rpm with a peak torque of 650 Nm at 2000 – 4500 rpm. It has a fuel consumption of 9.7 l/100 km and 225 g/km of CO2 emissions.

The 8-speed Steptronic Sport Transmission adjusts according to individual driving styles. It is well suited to relaxed cruises as well as more dynamic driving.


Comfort and Convenience in the X6 BMW

The Bang & Olufsen sound system offers motorists a quality auditory experience. Whether you are listening to the local radio station or singing along to your favourite tunes, you can enjoy superior acoustics. The spacious interior provides plenty of room for five occupants to enjoy a comfortable trip. The Comfort Access feature of the X6 BMW allows the driver to open the car door and start the vehicle without actively using the car key. It also allows keyless access to the boot which is a great advantage when your hands are full and you need to access the luggage compartment.


The entertainment system offers excellent options to the passengers who are in the back of the car. The entertainment system has two HD colour displays as well as a DVD drive. Whether you are taking your children to school or going on a road trip, you can be sure that your passengers will be kept busy by the entertainment options. The driver can make use of the Multifunctional Instrumental Display. It boasts a 10.25” screen and offers useful information as well as great features.

Here are some of the great deals that you can find on Auto Mart:

  • BMW X Series SUV X6 M50d

With a mileage of 41915 km, the 2013 BMW X6 for sale is priced at R 749,950. With its black leather seats, the interior of this model is the epitome of exclusivity. The navigation system and reverse camera are convenient features of this model. The 22 inch alloy wheels and sunroof enhance the exterior design of the X6 M50d. It has a 3.0 turbo diesel engine with an automatic transmission and AWD.


  • BMW X Series SUV X6 XDrive50i

A 2009 model is available with a mileage of 89700 km at a cost of R 399,900. Additional features of this model includes a navigation system and camera. It has a 4.4 turbo engine and AWD drivetrain.


  • BMW X Series SUV X6 xDrive50i

This 2011 BMW for sale is priced at R 482, 900 and has a mileage of 72000 km. It has cruise control as well as electric and heated mirrors. Other convenient features include a navigation system, power steering and electric windows. Safety features include airbags and ABS. Both the seats and steering wheel are adjustable. The electric sunroof and colour coded bumper adds to the attractive appearance of this model.


Ready to find a BMW X6 for sale? Auto Mart features a range of BMW models for sale online. Find and compare prices for an X6 BMW from the comfort of your couch – easy and hassle-free.

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