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Don’t let your old broken down car take up space in your garage or your garden, there are many innovative and creative ways of transforming useless pieces of your car into something awesome and useful. Sometimes the perfect piece of furniture or accessory is right before your eyes, all you need is a little boost to get those creative juices flowing. Literally any part of your old car can be transformed into something cool.

Here are some awesome examples of what can be done…

car fish tank

Always wanted a fish tank that stands out? Your broken old car could be transformed into this awesome centre piece for your living room. With just a bit of creativity and a few garage tools you can create an awesome and unique fish tank.

hose pipe

Tired of having your garden hose lying around and obtaining knots? Use an old spare wheel and create this awesome holder for your hose. Paint it any colour you like and it’s as easy as that.

top Gear coffee table

You too can have a Top Gear look alike coffee table… Don’t let that engine just stand there and gather dust, this is one of the coolest tables ever!

ford bed

An old vintage bakkie can make an awesome looking bed! Not too sure how comfortable it will be but it looks really cool. Could be perfect for a kids’ room…

car pool table

Looking for a piece to complete your games room? Cut your costs in half and put your old car to good use. The body of an old car can make for an awesome, sturdy pool table.

car hammock

An old Beetle shell is the perfect structure for your retro indoor/outdoor hammock… Your old broken down car could become your new sanctuary of peace, quiet and relaxation.

wheel sink

With just a few car parts you can create and transform the ordinary into the simply awesome, so get those creative juices flowing and see what you can create with your old broken down backyard car.

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Struan Langlands

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