How to deal with Potholes

Like all the good things in life, there are always obstacles that affect us and make life difficult. In the world of driving, there are potholes… South African motorists are no strangers to potholes, we deal with them on a daily basis and they sometimes cause us major car damage. Whether we like it or not, potholes are a hazard that will be around for many years to come, so either you can learn how to handle them or you can stand the chance of costing yourself a lot of money in car damage.

deep potholes

Potholes can prove to be a real pain as they are capable of completely ruining your car and putting you and others in danger. Most of the time it’s easy enough to dodge a pothole, but sometimes when driving at higher speeds and high volumes of oncoming traffic it becomes a bit more difficult.

Due to all the exposure from the weather, and all the moving vehicles, the roads do take a pounding and potholes begin to form. You might not realise it, but potholes are more menacing than you think. Potholes can damage your shocks, burst your tyres and windscreens and if hit with enough speed, could put your car off balance and cause an accident. These possibilities could result in some costs, so make sure you prevent as many potholes as possible.

many potholes

Be vigilant and alert while driving, give yourself the opportunity to slow down to prevent possible damage, hitting a pothole at a lower speed will not affect your car as much as at a higher speed, so even if you can’t avoid it, at least you will be more in control of your vehicle. If you are travelling on a really bad road filled with potholes then make sure you keep a solid distance from the vehicle in front of you in case you are forced to make any sudden turns and need to dodge a pothole.


If you are setting off on a long journey and find it difficult to avoid potholes, then make sure you do a few key inspections. Make sure your tyres are properly inflated and have a safe tread depth. If you drive with poorly maintained tyres, then your chances of damage will be higher. Check the condition of your wheels as well as your wheel alignment, make sure you are getting the maximum performance from your steering wheel. Check that your windows and windscreens are crack free as hard jolts in the road could easily make your cracks and chips much worse.

bad roads

It’s important that your vehicle is always prepared, as bumpy roads and potholes can catch a driver off-guard, and never underestimate the depth of a pothole, especially when it’s raining.

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