The Renault Duster a multi-dimensional SUV

If you are a Renault fan, you will love the Renault Duster for sale. A stunningly designed SUV, the Renault Duster is not only a great family car, but also a very capable off-road vehicle.

Fun and versatile, the Duster SUV features perceptively designed technology, a stunning range of accessories to meet your needs, and four different equipment packages that will take your Duster to the next level.

Technology in the Duster SUV

The Renault SUV boasts some cool technologies. The 1.5 dCi Dynamique 4×4 features a 4WD control system. The image of addictiveness, this system has three modes you can choose from:

  • LOCK: Designed for more challenging off-road adventures, the LOCK mode in the Duster 4×4 delivers a permanent distribution of torque and power to all four the wheels.
  • 2WD: Designed for roads that offer a good grip condition, the 2WD mode delivers torque and power to the front wheels.
  • AUTO: Designed for situations where potentially slippery road surfaces are present, the AUTO mode detects spinning wheels and then automatically distributes torque and power to help preserve traction.


Aside from these tech features in the 1.5 dCi model, the Renault Duster Dynamique models come standard with ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), an on-board computer boasting with six functions, audio controls conveniently located at your fingertips, sensors that make reverse parking a breeze, a touchscreen navigation system, assisted power steering and Bluetooth Connectivity.

A Multi-Dimensional Renault Duster

This Renault SUV is elegantly designed and features double-optic lamps in the front, skid plates for protection and a beautifully chrome plated radiator grill. The Duster 4×4 is perfect for a challenging off-road adventure, having a ground clearance of 210 millimetres. Having the ability to take you just about anywhere, it has favourable departure and break-over angles, making it a great off-road road vehicle.

Engines in the Duster SUV Models

Introducing turbo technologies in Formula One back in 1977 – the first car manufacturer to do so in Formula One – you can be sure that you are getting only the best.


The Diesel 1.5 dCi 80 kW

The 1.5 dCi engine in the Duster SUV features a common rail coupled with injectors (piezoelectric -offering a better and more accurate control over the delivery of fuel) and a low inertia variable geometry turbo, delivering a good level of torque and power. It also features high tech engine components and surface treatments, helping to ensure a reduction in internal friction.

With its manual, six-speed gearbox, this engine supplies a pleasurable driving experience in a number of driving conditions and situations. This model also has a low fuel consumption and low emissions.

The Petrol 1.6 16V 75kW

No matter the conditions you are in, tackling the road in the 1.6 16V Duster SUV engine is fun and safe. Because of its sequential multi-point injection, this engine delivers good power levels, giving the driver a smooth and steady response. Delivering good performance levels, this Renault petrol engine also has low levels of noise.

Standard Equipment for the Renault Duster

Both the 4×2 Dynamique and the Duster 4×4 models feature the standard equipment of the Renault Expression 4×2. These equipment features range to include dark carbon upholstery, assisted power steering, central locking via remote, fog lamps, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Emergency Brake Assist (EBS), electric mirrors and windows, to name but a few.

The 1.6 16V Dynamique 4×2 Renault Duster

A petrol model, this Renault Duster for sale comes standard with a ton of stunning features. While having the same equipment as the Expression 4×2 Expression model, the 4×2 Dynamique Duster SUV comes standard with 16 inch alloy wheels. , smooth satin chrome roof rails as well as a side skirt cover also boasting a smooth satin chrome look.

This creation from Renault is jam-packed with standards and, apart from the above named features, it also comes standard with a height adjustable leather steering wheel, satin chrome door handles, a leather gear knob that matches the steering wheel, and satin chrome door handles.


The Renault 4×2 model in this range also comes with the MediaNav navigation system that boasts a touchscreen, USB and Aux, Bluetooth and satellite controls.

The 1.5 dCi Duster 4×4

With a range of standard features the Duster 4×4 model comes standard with all the 4×2 Renault SUV equipment and boasts a number of standard equipment pieces not found in the other models. Some of these standard features include the 4WD mode selector and ESP.

Accessorise your Renault Duster

The new Renault Duster for sale comes with four different accessory packages, allowing you to kit out your Duster to suit your needs and style.

The Styling Pack

With a sleek and powerful look, you can give your Renault Duster that extra oomph with a low horizontal stainless steel tube (with a 60 millimetre diameter) designed to complement the lateral bars. This stainless steel accessory is not only gorgeous, but is also great for protecting the side skirts. Other features found in the Styling Pack from Renault include LED Daytime Running Lamp (DRL) lights.

The Touring Pack

If you are a travelling man, the Touring Pack is for you. In terms of the interior, this Touring Pack includes an arm rest. The exterior accessories of the Touring Pack features a bolt kit along with a tow hook. Having a set of transverse cross bars, this pack for the Duster models also allows for the sloping cross bars to be mounted on the longitudinal bars. In doing so, you are able to carry an extra luggage weight of 80 kilograms.

The Adventure Pack

Designed to protect this Renault SUV model’s rear and front wings, the Adventure Pack aids in protecting SUV’s side skirts as well as the bottoms of the doors. This package also beautifully coordinates with the Duster’s design, creating a beautifully finished-off Renault Duster.

The Protection Pack

Created to deliver great protection for your SUV, this package includes mud flaps for both the rear and the front, a boot protector (helping to protect the boot sill) and a T-Parking Aid.

The 1.6 Dynamique 4×2 vs. the 1.5 Dynamique Duster 4×4

1.6 16V 4×2 Renault Duster | Petrol 1.5 cDi Duster 4×4 | Diesel
Engine Type K4M K9K THP
Air Supply for Engine Normally Aspirated Turbocharger
Engine Capacity (cm3) 1 598 1 461
Bore x Stroke (mm) 79.5 x 80.5 76.0 x 80.5
Compression Ratio 9.8 : 1 15.2 : 1
Number of Cylinders Four in-line Four in-line
Number of Valves 16 8
Peak Power 75 kW 80 kW
Peak Power Rating 5 850 rpm 3 900 rpm
Gearbox Type                 Manual, five-speed gearbox. Manual, six-speed gearbox.
Top Speed 165 171
0 – 100 km/h 11.5 seconds 12.5 seconds
Approach Angle 30 Degrees 30 Degrees
Breakover Angle 23 Degrees 23 Degrees
Departure Angle 36 Degrees 36 Degrees
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 Litres 50 Litres

The 4×4 Renault Duster for sale has a maxi fold-down rear seat (with the spare wheel) capacity of 1 570 dm3 while the 4×2 has a maxi fold-down rear seat (with the spare wheel) capacity of 1 636 dm3.

The Duster 4×4 has a direct common and multi-injection system type, while the 1.6 4×2 Dynamique features a sequential multi-point injection system. The 4×2 Dynamique model has a price tag of R 229 900 while the 1.5 dCi Duster 4×4 has a price tag of R 269 900.

Models from this range of SUV’s are available in six different colours – Red, Black, Silver, Pearl White, Brown and Grey.

Find a Renault Duster for Sale on Auto Mart

Auto Mart features a large number of Renault Duster models for sale. Some of these great deals range to include:

Duster 1.5 dCi Dynamique 2015

With a price tag of R 239 900, this FWD Renault SUV is Grey and available from Renault Hatfield in Pretoria, Gauteng.



The Renault 1.6 Dynamique

Carrying a price tag of R 219 900, this 2015 model is available from an Auto Mart Verified Dealer.


2015 Renault Duster 1.5 dCi Dynamique 4WD

Available for R 239 900, this all-wheel drive 2015 model has 1 000 kilometres on the clock.


Looking for a Renault Duster for sale? Look no further than Auto Mart! With a range of Renault SUV models for sale online, allows you to find and compare prices – hassle-free!

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