The 5 deadly sins of motoring

Whether you’re new to driving or a seasoned driver, most of us are guilty of committing some of the deadliest motoring sins. There are a few bad habits that drivers tend to pick up and they can end up being the biggest threats to your life and to your car.

As drivers, we become very complacent in our driving style, and think we are great drivers, but you could be guilty of committing some of motoring’s deadliest sins…

1. Slacking on services. One of the greatest sins in motoring is postponing regular check-ups and scheduled services. Lazy, careless and slothful attitudes can help land you up in some serious trouble. If your tyres need some more air or replacing, don’t wait for another week, rather get it sorted ASAP. Neglecting crucial upgrades could come back to bite you.

2. Eating behind the wheel. Most of us are guilty of this one. Eating and drinking while driving has become a norm for most drivers. Some people can manage to multitask, and some people THINK that they can. Eating behind the wheel doubles your chances of crashing… So before you bite into that next pizza slice, think twice.

eating while driving
Speeding. Because we spend a lot of time in traffic, stuck at robots, driving over speed bumps and around circles, it’s only natural to want to open up a bit when the opportunity presents itself. Speeding is the most common and most deadly sin of them all. If you can plan your days and manage your time effectively then there is no real reason for speeding.

Phoning or texting while driving. Nowadays, almost every car you drive past has a driver either talking or texting on the phone. This has become so normal for drivers it’s scary. Texting while driving is the biggest distraction and quadruples the chances of having an accident. Phones and cars together are bad news, it’s important that you focus on the task at hand.

5. Drinking and driving. Sometimes after a few beers, people think that they will be fine to drive and feel that they can handle their booze. The truth is, even if you feel fine,  you are probably not. Your judgement becomes poor, your ability to judge depth, your control over the steering wheel, reaction time and ability to make rational decisions are all effected. Drinking and driving is bad news, and one of the sins that can’t be forgiven. So in the future… swallow your pride and call a cab.

drunk driving

If you find you are guilty of committing one of these deadly sins, re-think what you’re about to do, and how it could drastically affect your life and the lives of those around you. The less distractions you have as a driver, the better your chances are of reaching your destination.

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