The Isuzu KB 250: A match for any load, road or challenge

If you are a full blooded South African then you will know the three B’s…Beer, biltong and bakkies – one of the loved models being an Isuzu KB 250. If you don’t have the latter then you might want to get yourself one. Not only does it double up as your wife’s shopping car, but it’s also very handy to the South African male. It can get you to work and back, carry all your mates to the local watering hole and it’s a camping man’s best friend.


If you are looking for the best bakkie that South Africa has to offer, then look no further than Isuzu bakkies for sale, especially the Isuzu KB 250 single cab. Isuzu has been making great bakkies for a very long time and they have perfected their Isuzu KB. It’s more than a match for any terrain, load or road challenge that you could possibly throw at it. It’s also very fuel efficiency. In the past, bakkies had to choose between power and fuel consumption, but not here. The Isuzu KB 250 has a combined cycle consumption of 7,9l / 100km which is on par with normal sedans that have been specifically designed to reduce fuel costs. The Isuzu KB for sale comes with a 5 year/120 000km warranty so even if it does break down, which we doubt, then you can get it back up and running in no time at no extra cost to yourself. It even has low CO2 emissions and a massive towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes. Every single aspect of this bakkie has been built for toughness and endurance.


As you can see, the bakkie is packed with features. Let’s take a closer look at the Isuzu KB 250’s appearance.


Even though the Isuzu kb 250 is rugged on the outside, it has a soft heart on the inside. This gentle giant sports comfortable 60 / 40 split bench seats. This means that it can seat 3 adults easily and securely with two 3-point harness seatbelts and one lap seatbelt. It has not just one but two gloveboxes for maximized interior space as well as door storage pockets with built-in cup holders for those times when you just can’t stop for a coffee.



When you want to design something to be reliable, simpler is often better. The engineers at Isuzu have always lived by this motto and the Isuzu KB makes simple look good. This vehicle is modeled off the older Isuzu KB’s but with a few modern twists. It has a central break light to increase visibility at night. Low resistance tires that have been specifically designed with fuel consumption in mind and a load box made from extra thick metal to take any load with ease. For some extra style, these Isuzu bakkies for sale come standard with 15” steel wheels.


Specifications of the standard and fleetside Isuzu KB 250

Isuzu has two variations of the ISUZU KB 250. There is the standard bakkie and then the fleetside bakkie. The difference here is the fleetside was designed for commercial use. The fleetside is a bit bigger and has more load capacity.

Take a look at the specs:
Standard Isuzu KB 250 4×2 Fleetside Isuzu KB 250 4×2
Engine 2.5 litre, eight valve, direct injection 2.5 litre, eight valve, direct injection
Gearbox 5 speed manual 5 speed manual
Power 58KW @ 3800 rpm 58KW @ 3800 rpm
Torque 170Nm @ 1800 rpm 170Nm @ 1800 rpm
Fuel Consumption 7.9 litres per 100km 7.9 litres per 100km
Width (mm) 1766 1860
Height (mm) 1690 1790
Ground clearance (mm) 202 225
Price R215,700 R239,100

Not only does Isuzu build great vehicles, but they have gone to great lengths to make your off-roading experience one to remember. They have created features and classes that really make the experience special. These offerings are called Experience Isuzu. You can go online and drive virtually through all the most famous 4×4 and mountain bike trails before you decide to go off-road. If you are a real die hard 4×4 fan then you can sign up for the Isuzu Off-Road Academy. This academy will introduce you to all the various aspects of off-road driving. They start you off by helping you decide on the right vehicle for your specific needs, and the accessories you may want to consider buying, as 4×4 trips can be very unpredictable.

Another feature is Isuzu Adventures. The guys at Isuzu have gone to the trouble of going to all the various places a 4×4 fundi might want to go. They review interesting things to do and great places to stop and eat along the way. If you are planning another off road adventure, then make sure you make use of this amazing information.


The Isuzu’s excellent performance and functional features make it easy to see why many South Africans are choosing to find an Isuzu KB for sale. If you are looking for a rugged, comfortable and cost-effective bakkie to buy, then start comparing prices for Isuzu bakkies for sale on Auto Mart today.


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