Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain can often be a tricky and dangerous affair for motorists, especially in the night. Some people find their visibility to be extremely limited when there are downpours and difficult to navigate where the nearby cars are.


Heavy rainfalls can lead to slippery conditions and require a driver to adjust their driving style in order to keep safe and avoid a potential accident.

There are a lot of methods floating around on the internet on how to deal with the poor visibility when it rains, some may work and others could just be myths. Some say that if your visibility is really poor you should wear sunglasses, then your visibility in front of your windshield will be perfectly clear. These suggestions could work, but to some there’s a lot more to it than putting sunglasses on to assist them in difficult driving conditions.

reduced visibility

A lot of us like to drive with only one hand on the wheel, it’s comfy and easy, but this is a bad habit to get into. When there’s heavy rain, always make sure that you have both hands on the wheel as slippery roads and deep puddles can easily sway you in a different direction. Refrain from distracting yourself with the radio and phones, make sure all your focus is on the road.

driving in the rain

Always make sure your headlights are on, some people are so focused on the road that they forget to put their lights on. Make sure that you have given yourself plenty of space between your car and the car in front of you. With limited visibility it could become difficult to judge, and stopping on a slippery surface will take longer. You can’t always assume that the driver in front of you knows where you are, so rather leave yourself enough room.

Hydroplaning is when your vehicle travels above the water and has very little contact with the actual ground, therefore leaving you with almost no traction and grip. If you feel that you could be in this situation, then slow down and refrain from making any sudden jerks on the steering wheel.

driving safely in the rain

Never underestimate a puddle. When possible always drive around it as you can never judge how deep it is. If it’s getting hot inside the car and your windshield starts to fog then turn the air-conditioner on to clear the fog. Be aware that your car’s brakes can be affected by the water and n drastically affect your stopping time, so be cautious when driving through deep water.

Remember, if it’s pouring with rain, and your visibility is limited, then drive at a comfortable speed and focus all your attention on the task at hand.

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