How to Defrost your Car this Winter

With the cold winter mornings approaching, it’s inevitable that some of us have to wake up a bit earlier to warm our cars up. Not everyone has the luxury of undercover parking, and therefore has to resort to the basics when it comes to defrosting.

Car freeze

It’s important that you warm your vehicle up properly before driving off in the mornings as your car’s engine also needs time to warm up and the oil needs to get to the right temperature in order to run at optimal efficiency. Just like us, cars also get cold and need to be handled with care in the mornings, but more than often people don’t actually know the proper way of defrosting their car windows.

winter is coming

Throwing a bucket of hot water is not the answer, sure it’s the quick way to get rid of the ice, especially if you’re running late for work. Throwing boiling water onto your windshield can crack your glass and you will more than likely just end up with more headaches than before, so get this option out of your head. Don’t wipe your windows with your hands or gloves as it will leave streaks all over your glass.

A fairly quick and effective method is to slightly open the windows, blast the heat or crank up the AC. Opening the windows will lower the dew point inside the car and in turn cause the fog to dissipate. Blowing heat onto your windshield is a good way to get rid of condensation that’s formed on the outside of the glass.

air con and heat

In case you didn’t know…your car’s air conditioner can also act as a dehumidifier, so while your warm air is defrosting your car can dehumidify the air before warming it. So 3 easy and simple steps…Window, heat and AC.

Another solution for those of you who don’t have access to undercover parking, is to invest in a car cover. This way your vehicle can stay warmer at nights and warming it up in the mornings will be a breeze. There are different sizes available for different car types so be sure to do your research and make sure you get the right size.

car cover

There’s nothing more irritating than when your windshield fogs up while you are driving on the highway. The easiest solution would be to just slightly open the windows to get fresh air circulating on the inside, it might not be the warmest option, but definitely an effective one.

Remember if you treat your car with care and respect, you will find that your car will return the favour.

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