How to pick the right car for your needs

Buying a used car in South Africa can be tricky, but finding one that is perfect for your lifestyle is a whole different challenge. Some people fail to take their lifestyle into account when buying a car and end up having to sell or sit with a car that isn’t right for them. Sometimes people hastily jump on a deal because of the price and are scared they won’t find another good deal, while others are just in a rush and badly need a car. These are all rookie errors that could lead to years of unhappiness and inconvenience.

choosing the right car

Are you a young active adult living in the busy city? If this is the case, try and avoid large SUV’s or big bakkies, instead, focus your energy on a smaller hatchback, like the Suzuki Swift, the Nissan Micra, Toyota Aygo and the Chevrolet Spark amongst others. Owning a smaller, agile car is a more sensible option for the city life, lighter on fuel, easier manoeuvrability in traffic and easy access in small, confined spaces.

Most of these smaller hatchbacks are fully equipped with the latest technology and safety equipment and don’t lose points for space either. Think small and light if you are on a budget and living in a crowded area, you won’t be doing yourself any favours driving a tank.

city car

If you are catering for a growing family, you need a safe vehicle which offers a lot of space and comfort for those long family vacations. For this lifestyle it would be advisable to look for something along the lines of a SUV or a saloon, which offers a lot of boot space. Most larger cars give you the option of folding the seats, providing you with even more space for toys, baggage and supplies.

family suv

If you live outside the city or on a farm and love the outdoors, then you will need something that is tough, durable and economical. If you plan on driving a lot of dirt roads, then a bakkie or a 4×4 might be a suitable choice.

off road vehicle

Always take your current situation into account before buying a used car, and think carefully about what you need from it and how it will serve you.

If you’re looking for the right vehicle to suit your lifestyle, then visit for good deals on cars in your area.

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