Toyota FJ Cruiser: Powerful, muscular and confident

With its muscular exterior, the FJ cruiser inspires confidence. A blend of rugged good looks and excellent capabilities makes this model a sought after vehicle in South Africa. When it comes to finding a FJ Cruiser for sale, professionals and families alike choose to buy this capable vehicle.

The FJ Cruiser’s modern design is expertly combined with classic lines. Its distinctive white roof and privacy glass adds to the appeal of finding a Toyota FJ Cruiser for sale. Mud guards enhance the tough appearance of this model while providing the vehicle with extra protection. Front and back fog lamps contribute to the vehicle’s exterior design while serving the practical function of offering extra visibility during adverse weather conditions.

Not only is the FJ cruiser aesthetically appealing, it also has a comfortable interior. The audio system includes a radio and CD Player. Cruise control is a convenient feature of this model. When it comes to safety the FJ cruiser offers Active Traction Control, Vehicle Stability Control as well as a Clearance and Back Sonar. Driver and passenger airbags offer additional protection to the car’s occupants.


Other note-worthy features of this model include part time 4WD capabilities as well as an impressive ground clearance of 245 mm. The front and back heavy duty suspension enables this model to tackle challenging road conditions. Additional reinforcements provide the vehicle’s occupants with a smooth ride. Another highlight of this model is its auto locking rear differential. The 17” Alloy wheels are an advantage of owning a FJ Cruiser.


The FJ Cruiser offers drivers an outstanding performance. Its V-type 6-cylinder engine has a displacement of 3956 cm3. This model delivers 200 kW of power at 5600 rpm with a maximum torque of 380 Nm at 4400 rpm. It has an automatic 5-speed transmission.

With so many advantages to finding a FJ cruiser for sale, it is easy to see why this model is popular in South Africa. To find a Toyota FJ Cruiser for sale at a good price, visit


Struan Langlands

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