Top Tips for Selling Cars in South Africa

Want to sell your car? Selling cars in South Africa is easy with Auto Mart. By following some simple advice you can make a hassle free sale. Selling your vehicle can help you finance your dream car. Whether you are looking for a fresh new look or you need a bigger car for your family, selling your car online is a convenient option. If you prepare properly you can score a great deal and have extra cash in your pocket after the sale.


Auto Mart has an easy answer to the question “How to sell my car?” Using the online platform you can place a free advert. The easy-to-use online form is a quick way to access thousands of potential buyers. Your online advertisement will determine how many potential buyers contact you.

To get a good response include your car’s make, model and year. Adding a description of your car which highlights its extra features will also help to boost the interest of buyers. It is advisable to include photos of the interior and exterior of your car. Once you have placed your ad on Auto Mart you can promote your car via social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. By sharing the ad on Facebook you can increase your chances of making a fast sale.


Setting the right price for your vehicle is one of the first steps you will need to take. Before you place an advertisement online determine how much you want to sell your car for. You can check the market value of your car by reviewing other advertisements to calculate a fair asking price. With hundreds of cars for sale on Auto Mart, it is simple to review used car prices.


Before you sell your car make sure that you have all the vehicle’s documents in order. It is also advisable to ask the buyer to sign a document which stipulates the terms of sale. Take your car for a roadworthy test before you show it to potential buyers. Having a roadworthy certificate will increase your chances of making a successful sale. If you have any unpaid fines, make sure that you clear them before selling your car.


Before you meet the buyer it is important that your car looks its best. Clean out the interior of the car and make sure you also empty out the glove compartment. Wash the exterior of your car and finish off the process with car wax. You can also buy products to give your car’s cabin a fresh smell. It is important to make sure that all the switches and features in your car are in good working condition.


Meeting the buyer is an important step in the process of selling your car. Safety is an essential consideration and it is advisable to meet the buyer in public. As an additional precaution, make sure that you take someone with you when you meet the potential buyer. It is crucial to be honest about the history of your car as dishonesty can lead to future legal issues.


The best method of payment is an EFT. Make sure that your receive proof of payment and that the money has cleared in your account before you hand over the car. Accepting cash can be risky as carrying large sums of money can make you a target for criminals.

Follow these handy tips and you are sure to sell your car fast and get the best deal on it. Visit if you are looking for another set of wheels.

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