Will we be able to service our own cars in the future?

Modern day car engines are more complex and complicated than older cars as the technology used in vehicles is getting more and more sophisticated. A few years back it was the norm for a driver to service his/her own vehicle as it was a simple task to do quick fixes on an engine, and the tools required were basic and standard.

old car DIY

Nowadays you won’t get away with servicing your own vehicle unless you are fully equipped with modern equipment and have the knowledge to do so. As engines progress and develop, it becomes increasingly difficult for a regular DIY mechanic to figure out the problem and give an accurate diagnostic.


DIY car service

Back in the day when a driver opened his/her bonnet, it was easy to identify all the parts and to figure out where the problem lied. Today’s engines are a bit more complex, with fuel injection, sensors and loads of electronics, it’s difficult for a motorist to perform DIY at home.

car engine

Car manufacturers use special fittings and tools to put the engine together, and these tools cost a fortune, which many car owners just can’t afford. What used to be a simple job now becomes an extra expenditure. So the answer unfortunately is no. As the years go on and car engines become more technical, the possibility to service your own vehicle decreases, and the probability of giving it in to a garage becomes higher.

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Struan Langlands

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  1. Garry says:

    This is all part of the planned obsolescence philosophy i.e. sell a depreciating asset to the consumer. Make it too complicated to be maintained by anyone except the authorised dealer. Withdraw parts support after a number of years (7 to 10?).
    Result of the above: car companies sell more cars & less money in the pocket of the motorist.

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