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It’s always tricky starting up a new business, and choosing the right Van for the job is a crucial part in determining your business’s functionality. Vans are becoming a crucial part for any successful business as a business’s client base can be spread far and wide, rendering the need for quality transport. By having the right Van you can help ensure the effectiveness of your operation and also save on cash, fuel and parts.

loading a van Depending on your business, you will need to choose a Van or a bakkie that has the right design and power that you require to get the job done. So once you have established your needs as to what exactly, the vehicle’s purpose will be you can continue to the next step in the process, and choose the appropriate vehicle.

business van

Some questions you need to ask yourself is, will the vehicle be covering long distances? What is the average load weight that the vehicle will be carrying on a daily basis? What cargo will it be carrying, fragile or building material? How many passengers do you need in the vehicle on a business trip? What kind of security do I need? And, does your Van need sliding doors or can the cargo be offloaded from the back of a bakkie?

working van

Size is crucial in this business decision, because if your Van/bakkie ends up being too small for your loads then you will double up on trips, and therefore double up on petrol bills. Safety will also be a concern for both your cargo and drivers if your vehicle is overloaded or not loaded correctly.

heavily loaded


van overloaded

These are all crucial factors to take into consideration, because buying the wrong vehicle could end up costing you and your business, fuel, time and money. There is a wide selection of used Vans in South Africa, and almost every type of Van available for every type of job. So whether you are a delivery company, a building company or a self-employed electrician, the ideal workhorse is available for you.

choosing a van

Just like buying a used car, it’s important that you do your research and sniff around. Read reviews online and get recommendations from respected dealers. See what vans are popular in the working industry and weigh that into your list of business needs.

moving van

If you’re looking for the right van for your business, then visit for good deals on Vans in your area.



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