Mazda BT 50: The ultimate vehicle for work or play

Whether you are looking for an outstanding workhorse or an off-road vehicle, The Mazda BT 50 is a great choice. This model’s spectacular capabilities inspire confidence in drivers nationwide. Outdoor enthusiasts can get off the beaten track and explore tough terrain in the Mazda BT 50. Business owners, who are looking for an above average workhorse, can also benefit from finding a Mazda BT 50 for sale. This exciting vehicle will take you where you want to go in both work and play.
Mazda-4x4-BT-50The strong and durable Mazda BT50 is ready to tackle big jobs. This model is up for a challenge and it was designed to fulfil your every need. As well as offering excellent performance, this vehicle is also a good-looking and comfortable ride. The massive tray and an excellent towing capability of 3500 kgs make this model an outstanding workhorse. It has a hauling capacity which exceeds 1400kgs.

The latest turbo diesel engine was designed with a common-rail direct injection to increase the fuel efficiency of this model. This feature helps to reduce fuel expenses and it also reduces the vehicle’s environmental impact. The 3.2 litre engine delivers 147 kW of power and an impressive 470Nm of torque. This vehicle has great handling capabilities both on and off road. The Mazda BT 50 is an excellent asset to businesses as it offers a fast and efficient way to get the job done.
MazdaBT50The spacious full size cab has plenty of room for passengers and equipment. This model boasts a range of high tech features such as Bluetooth, an audio system and cruise control. The air-conditioning and power windows are convenient features of this model. The interior has a stylish colour scheme with a silver finish. The steering wheel switches make it easy to adjust the settings of the audio system.

The Mazda BT 50 is designed to be a dynamic and capable vehicle. With its superior performance and sleek design, the BT 50 is a sought after vehicle.

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