Top affordable cars you can have the most fun with

Gone are the days where owning a fun and exciting car was only a dream, you can now have just as much fun as the driver pulling up next to you at the robot in his Jaguar F type. Who says that you need an expensive Sports car in order to have fun? If you enjoy driving and love having a good time in the process, then here is a list of top affordable cars you can enjoy.

There are some great cars out there that are really fun to drive and also provide that X-factor for those who seek a thrill in their daily run abouts. People are shying away from the big thirsty V8’s and are resorting to more economical lighter options, so if you are looking for used cars in South Africa, then look no further.

Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable option, the Toyota Aygo doesn’t disappoint. This stylish and retro looking hatchback is extremely playful and loads of fun to drive. The Aygo is nimble, compact, offers great features and boasts lower running costs than most vehicles, meaning you can have more fun for less.

This car allows you to enjoy the modern day pleasures that vehicles offer like ABS and airbags without you having to pay a fortune. With the current petrol prices constantly changing, smaller cars are becoming more and more popular in South Africa, and this contender is definitely a solid candidate.

Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra

Another fun yet affordable option for city dwellers is the compact Nissan Micra. This car is perfect for the busy cities and packed streets, giving you the freedom to move swiftly and to fit comfortably into those tight parking spaces. Offering great features, the Micra allows you to have great fun while cruising around on your daily drives, and will make driving in the city a joyful experience.

The Nissan Micra is packed with fun features like the drive computer which allows you to set yourself reminders, so forgetting birthdays and anniversaries will be a thing of the past. For a great price you can enjoy the comfortable, stylish and innovative Nissan Micra and the city will be your playground.

Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark

The exciting and vibrant Chevrolet Spark is a real great all-rounder offering loads of versatility to take on almost any challenge that the streets throw at you. The Spark is loaded with technology and plenty of space, so you can enjoy the ride with your friends and family.

The Spark offers great functionality and also has some trendy optional extras for you to choose from, so you can customize your ride to your liking. If you are looking for a fun and exciting run about car, then the Chevrolet Spark will not disappoint.

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