Top safety tips for off-roading

Off-roading is a great hobby, and a really fun way to engage with nature as nothing is better than exploring the unknown and getting your hands a little dirty. To ensure that you have a smooth trip, we have layed out some important safety tips so that your off-roading adventure doesn’t become a nightmare.

If you’re planning an off-road adventure and you’re fairly new to the game, then here are a few preparation tips so that you can turn any experience into a memorable occasion.

off roading

Getting lost or stuck is all part of off-roading, and happens to the best of us, but when you are properly prepared then those situations will be less daunting. Don’t get yourself into a situation where you are far away from help and you don’t have any equipment or tools to rescue yourself with.

If you’re planning an off-roading expedition, be sure to plan your trip and route carefully to make sure that you have the right vehicle for the job. If you don’t own a 4×4 or a bakkie and your vehicle is low to the ground, then it would be advised to replan your route or obtain the appropriate vehicle.


Taking the wrong vehicle on an off-road journey can ruin your vehicle for the long run, but if you have the right vehicle then it’s always a good way to test its capabilities and see what it can do.


Prep your vehicle properly and make sure the battery is secured before tackling the rough roads, you don’t want your battery jumping around underneath your bonnet. Make sure that you have a fully functional spare tyre that’s ready for duty, and that you have all the appropriate tools for changing it.

Before you leave, tell your family or close friends where and when you are going, and when you are expecting to come back, so that if anything unexpected happens to you, you won’t be forgotten.


It’s always a good idea to carry a radio or to make sure you have a phone, with the charger. Keep a basic supply of tools on hand in case you need to do any minor emergency repairs, like a screwdriver, pliers, tow rope, shovel and an axe. If you are venturing far and for long, then take extra fuel and keep an emergency supply of canned food and water.



It’s important that you know your vehicle’s limits, don’t think that because you are driving a 4×4 you can cross mountains… that is the biggest mistake that any driver could make. Always respect the terrain and approach with caution.


Click here for a brief breakdown on the different terrain types.

Our vast country offers many beautiful and challenging routes to off-road on, and we truly are spoilt for choice when it comes to used vehicles in South Africa, so embrace nature and enjoy our country to the fullest!

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