Datsun Go: “Tomorrow’s there for the taking”

Whether you are looking for a runabout or reliable transportation to work, the Datsun Go Lux is a great choice. This zippy car is the perfect vehicle for city dwellers. With its outstanding performance and comfortable exterior, the Datsun Go 1.2 Lux is suited to traversing city streets.

  • Exterior

The Datsun Go’s catch phrase “Tomorrow’s there for the taking” reflects the car’s innovative design and vibrant image. Available in sky blue, silver, white, grey and ruby, the Datsun Go has a stylish exterior. Its contemporary design and distinctive features make a bold first impression. The large, 3-D styled headlamps are accentuated by a metallic finish. The curvaceous fenders add to the appeal of this model. The back of the car has an athletic and strong design with curvaceous shoulders.

  • Interior

The excellent design of the Datsun Go has created a quiet cabin. Drivers can sit back and relax or sing along to their favourite tunes without the distraction of wind noise. The spacious interior offers passengers plenty of leg room. Useful features, such as the door holders, provide ample storage space. The under-dash storage and bottle holders are other handy features of this model. The comfortable seats are designed to help the driver focus during longer trips. The seats offer excellent back support so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

  • Performance

The Datsun Go has excellent handling capabilities. Drivers can enjoy a smooth ride in this model. The 1.2 litre petrol engine delivers 50 kW of power. It has a manual 5-speed transmission. The Datsun Go’s small size and manoeuvrability makes it easy to fit into small parking spaces. Its excellent fuel efficiency of 5.2l/100km makes it a perfect car for city dwellers.

  • Accessories

Accessories give you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your Datsun Go. The roof spoiler adds to the sporty style of this model. Another option is a scuff plate which protects the door from scratches. An art leather seat cover with a blue and black design will enhance the interior’s sophisticated style.

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