Nissan Navara: Luxurious, tough and good looking

Looking for a tough workhorse without compromising on comfort? The Nissan Navara has outstanding off-road capabilities as well as a luxurious interior. With its comfortable features and good looks, the Navara has won the hearts of South Africans. If you are looking for a capable vehicle, finding a Navara for sale is a great option.
NissanNavaraThe Navara is designed to be both good looking and practical. This vehicle has a tough exterior and an excellent ground clearance of 235 mm. The aerodynamic design of the Navara functions to decrease the vehicle’s fuel consumption. The increased fuel efficiency contributes to making the Navara a more environmentally friendly option and it has CO2 emissions of between 210 and 238 g/km.
nissan-navaraThe Nissan Navara is a strong workhorse that is capable of carrying difficult loads. It has been expertly designed to offer plenty of space. Practical features, such as an innovative tie down system, add to this model’s capabilities. The vehicle has a class-leading load box size and drivers will be impressed by the Navara’s payload of 904 kgs. Roof racks increase the Navara’s carrying capacity. It has a maximum unbraked towing capacity of 750 kgs.

The Navara has an excellent safety system which protects the vehicle’s occupants during emergency situations. Safety features also help the driver to avoid collisions protecting the vehicle, its occupants and the load that it is carrying. Airbags are an essential safety feature of this model. The Anti-lock Braking system and Vehicle Dynamic Control help the driver to avoid accidents.
Nissan-Navara-2014The Nissan Navara is not only an excellent workhorse but it also offers drivers a luxurious and comfortable ride. The spacious interior of the Double-Cab provides plenty of room for five people. There is space to transport cargo behind the front seats. Power windows are a convenient feature of this model. Air-conditioning keeps the cab at a pleasant temperature whether you are working or travelling for pleasure on the weekends.

The Navara offers drivers an outstanding performance. The 3.0 dci engine delivers 170 kW of power at 3750 rpm with a torque of 550 Nm at 1750 rpm. The engine has a capacity of 2991cc. This model has a 7-speed transmission.

2008 Nissan Navara

If you are looking for a dynamic vehicle with excellent capabilities, the Nissan Navara will meet your requirements.

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