Top safest cars in SA

For most motorists safety is the number one priority when looking to buy a vehicle, unfortunately road conditions and the vast number of cars on the road mean that our safety is not always guaranteed. The reality is that the cars we drive and its safety components determine to a large extent our fate in an unfortunate event.

Nowadays car manufacturers are making it their top priority to produce safe and reliable cars for the modern family. If you are interested in buying a safe vehicle for your family, then take a look at these great vehicles to choose from:

Volvo V40


This car is dripping with technology and is specially designed to alert the driver in the best possible manner, by warning you when possibly dangerous situations could arise. The Volvo V40 is renowned for its high level of safety and is a great choice for anyone who loves the open road. Keep in mind that some of the safety features are optional. Some of these features include warning systems that alert the driver when vehicles or objects are nearby and also alerts the driver when a vehicle is approaching in the blindspot.

Hyundai i30


In terms of driver and passenger safety, the Hyundai i30 scores big with a solid 5 star ANCAP safety rating! This clever vehicle comes with standard active and passive safety technology which includes electronic stability control, cornering brake controls, ABS with brake assist system and 7 airbags. Due to the ultra-high tensile steel within the body shell and the impact absorbing bonnet structure it makes the impact of an accident as minimal as possible on the human body and drastically reduces the chance of injury.


Renault Clio


The sporty and stylish looking Renault Clio is another great choice when it comes to safe cars. Not only is it safe for you and your family to drive in, but it’s also got all the gadgets to impress. The Renault Clio safety checklist is impressive and some of which include side head and body airbags, speed limitation assistance and rear road limiters. Not only will you have fun driving this car, but the confidence to do so, knowing that your safety is well looked after.

Audi A3


Another strong contender in the competition for safe vehicles, is the Audi A3 which offers great comfort, looks and a strong security system. The Audi A3 crash test results are extremely impressive as the front impact airbags, side impact airbags, overhead airbags and Anti-whiplash head restraints all work together to help protect you from getting crushed in an accident.

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  1. Kyle Erasmus says:

    What about the ( BMW ) mini, I have seen all of the cars you have listed above that have been in major crashes, and end up with crushed cock-pits, but please find me a mini with a crushed cockpit, I want to see what it looks like !!!
    This is the real test of safety, not the tests that are commonly conducted by motor manufacturers. ( Nobody seems to do a multiple roll crash test )

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