The evolution of cars, the good and the bad

Since it all started in 1886 with the first gasoline powered auto-mobile which was invented by Carl Benz, the evolution of cars was inevitable and progressed at a lightning pace. For the Automotive world, the one-cylinder two-stroke unit designed by Benz was Genesis, and the birth of endless possibility and growth.


It’s difficult to think what it would have been like being born in an era where there were no cars, bikes or boats, but that time did exist. Since the first 0.75 hp (0.55 kW) engine which was used in Benz’s motor car, we are now living in a world with Hypercars which can reach unspeakable speeds and can do unthinkable things.



When cars got manufactured on a large scale, we started to reap the true benefits and could fully appreciate what automobiles had to offer. In 1895 when the very first Automobile race was held in Chicago, car manufacturers kept learning, progressing and improving, to constantly design and release faster, bigger and lighter cars.




Through the decades, there have been some major improvements and fantastic breakthroughs with regards to design and technology, but despite this transformation, not all have been a success. Some designs were scrapped at birth, and others never quite made it to production, but through all the flops, car manufacturers have learnt and are now able to produce high quality vehicles.

Unfortunately, with the rise of the automobile industry, also came the rise of the death rate, as accidents occur on a regular basis and take the lives of many unsuspecting victims. Fortunately manufacturers focus their time and efforts to make modern cars as safe as possible, running numerous safety tests before the cars are deemed fit for the markets.

A one-wheeled motorcycle

An all-terrain vehicle

As technology evolved, so car manufacturers obtained the privilege of gaining valuable knowledge and resources as to what materials to use and having endless possibility when it comes to design. Now we are spoilt with choice, as there is almost a car available for every single type of person and for every single occasion.

Modern day cars are dripping with technology and conveniences, all intended to make our journey and driving experience as fun, safe, comfortable and easy as possible.



Modern day cars continue to excite and amaze us, even the big screen found ways to use cars to create a certain drama and thrill factor. For example the Aston Martin which was introduced in the James Bond films, became part of the character, and as the films advanced, so did the cars.




Through trial and error, car manufacturers are always improving, releasing faster, safer and better cars. One thing is for sure, life would be completely different if we never had automobiles, and what a boring life that would be!

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