Avis: “We Try Harder”

Avis’s slogan “We Try Harder” reflects the company’s excellent work ethic. With their reputation for selling top quality cars, it is easy to see why they are favoured by car buyers throughout South Africa. Avis car sales offer customers value for money. Avis has a large fleet of automobiles which leaves customers spoilt for choice. These well maintained and regularly serviced vehicles are a great buy. Avis cars for sale include Polos, Golfs and Amaroks.

avis-logo-2Buying an Avis car comes with numerous benefits. Customers can be assured that they are purchasing a car that has been looked after. A full service history is provided for each automobile. The cars are sold with a certified history that is valid at dealerships. Car buyers can also review the accident history of each vehicle. To ensure customer satisfaction Avis offers a thirty day exchange plan. If the buyer is not content with their purchase in this time period, it is possible to make an exchange. The car can be swapped for a vehicle which has a similar value.
Avis_CarsCustomers can rest easy knowing that they have been provided with accurate information about their car. Vehicles are sourced from manufacturers and an accurate mileage is recorded for each automobile. Avis cars are protected from theft by DataDot. The DataDots are dispersed throughout the vehicle so that the parts cannot be used by criminals. Avis works with reputable institutes to offer finance for their vehicles. Financial institutes, such as ABSA and Nedbank, offer Avis customers assistance with buying a vehicle. Not only are the cars affordably priced, Avis also accepts trade-ins. With financial assistance and reasonable prices, customers can find their perfect car.

Whether you are looking for a hardy workhorse or a spacious family car, Avis offers value for money. Buying quality vehicles from a reputable company will save you future hassles and maintenance expenses.

Looking for Avis cars for sale? Find great deals on www.AutoMart.co.za.

Liezl Grobler

Digital Copy Editor & SEO Writer @ Junk Mail Publishing

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