Why having a bike is so much more fun

Ever thought of buying a bike, but not too sure whether you will actually get all the enjoyment out of it? Well here is some advice that might just help you make you your final decision.

Some people say that they are strictly ‘car’ lovers and that bikes are not for them, but there is actually a bike available for every type of driver and terrain. Whether you enjoy the open roads, the beach or are a real dirt lover, there is almost always a bike that will satisfy you.

bike_ridingFor those who are already bike owners need no convincing on this topic, and for those who had to sell their bike for whatever reason, almost always regret the decision.

roadbikeEvery Bike rider will tell you that riding a motorbike is an experience that will last a life time, and every rider has their own reasons for owning a bike, whether it’s for the freedom or for eliminating that crucial time stuck in traffic.

fun_with_bikesOne could argue that owning a bike can also end up costing a small fortune, but the truth is a bike is a lot cheaper to run than a car. Bikes are cheaper to operate, especially with the influx in petrol prices, it almost makes perfect sense (excuse the pun) to ride a motorbike. The maintenance on a bike doesn’t come near to what it costs to service a vehicle and most of the time you can do the servicing yourself, which can end up saving you a lot more.

dirt_bikesmini_dirtbikeBikes are a lot more nifty and quicker off the mark than cars. Pulling away at a green robot will be a completely different experience for you, whereas most cars, stop and stall at the robots.

Riding a bike can allow you to get into those tight spaces where cars can’t venture, parking is easier and turning and manoeuvring in tight spaces is not even a concern. Space is almost never a problem if you own a bike, parking in a small garage or in a narrow driveway is effortless and parallel parking has never been easier.

bike_in_trafficBelieve it or not, but driving a motorcycle can be safer than driving a car. A lot of drivers nowadays are spending most of their attention on smartphones and GPS systems and fail to pay attention to the road. There are more cars swerving around on the highways than bikes, because when you are on your bike, all your focus and attention is on the road and the task at hand, and quite frankly too busy enjoying the moment.


If you haven’t yet experienced the pure enjoyment of what a bike has to offer, then find out what bike is right for you, and see for yourself what you have been missing out on.

If you are still not convinced, then visit www.AutoMart.co.za for good deals on bikes in your area.

Struan Langlands

Digital Marketing Channel Co-ordinator @ Junk Mail Publishing. My family, work, cars and sport are the 4 things that I am most passionate about and motivate me. I am a full blooded Petrol Head and always ready for a sport debate. "The day you think there is no improvements to be made is a sad one for any player." ~Lionel Messi

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