How to renew your car licence disk

Need to renew your car’s licence but not sure how to go about it?

By law, motorists are required to renew their car licences once every 12 months.

A 21-day grace period is allowed on the renewal of expired car licence disks, after which penalties are incurred.

Here are the steps to renew your car licence:

  1. Visit your nearest licencing department or post office located in your jurisdiction.
  2. licencediskTake the following documentation with you: a) Your ID Book b) Your Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal Notice (MVL2) that you should’ve received in the post c) or if you haven’t received your MVL2, complete an ALV1 which you can download here.
  3. Pay the appropriate licencing fee (usually cash only). These fees vary depending on province and vehicle type.

For more info on renewing your car licence and licence renewal fees, click here.

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