Tips for buying a car in the New Year

The New Year can bring in lots of exciting deals and opportunities when purchasing a used car, but choosing the right time plays a large role as it could end up saving you thousands. It is imperative that you plan your next purchase properly so that you can benefit from the many seasonal factors that influence car trade.


Take into account the type of vehicle and the season of the year that you are in when you are wanting to make your purchase. If you time it right you might just find yourself a real bargain. For example, if you are interested in buying a convertible or a beach buggy, you may find you will have more options and better deals in the winter time when the demand for these cars is lower.

For used car dealers, December and January are fairly quiet months as most people are focusing all their time and money into holidays and family. This can be a long and difficult stretch which means car dealers will be up for negotiation and you could make a good deal.


It’s a good idea to shop for your vehicle at the end of the month or yearly quarter, due to the fact that salespeople have to meet their sales targets and are more likely to offer you a better price. It’s not to say that every salesman will offer you a bargain, but it’s definitely worth the effort to try and strike up a deal.


Statistically, the worst time to buy a used vehicle is in the springtime. As winter slowly starts to clear, more and more people come out of hibernation and get ready to embrace the warm days and have that extra bit of cash to spend when shopping. Finding a good deal will be more difficult as car dealers will have sufficient clientèle.


Although winter time is a good gap for buying cars, you shouldn’t necessarily wait till then before buying. As the year progresses, stock becomes limited and the chances of finding your specific model might become slim and you might just miss out on your opportunity.


It does help buying at the end of the year due to dealers trying to meet their annual goals, but its all about outsmarting the general trend. It is possible for shoppers to get bargains year round, just by understanding how the dealers operate. Just remember, a dealer is just as eager to sell a car as you are to buy.

Choosing a car at dealership.

Negotiating is key when buying a car, always do sufficient homework and scout the internet for similar models and prices. You can use your sources and try and get the dealer to lower their prices as they will always try and beat their competitors.


Don’t rush into the first deal that you see, because more than likely competitors are out there trying to beat those deals, unless it’s a difficult model to get your hands on, in that case don’t wait too long or you might regret it. Don’t show too much interest, negotiate the price, and be prepared to walk away. Don’t make hasty, irrational decisions, being impatient could end up costing you. Patience is the key to buying a vehicle in the New Year.

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