How to Find Quad Bikes for Sale

Quad biking is a fun and exciting hobby for the whole family. The beautiful terrain in South Africa offers easy trails or more challenging routes for advanced riders. If you are new to this hobby, it is important to do some research before purchasing the necessary equipment. The first step is to browse through the advertisements of quad bikes for sale to review what is available on the market.


Once you have an idea of what is on offer you can start by making a list of your personnel requirements. It is important to consider whether speed or durability is a priority for you. If you plan to enter races then you will need to buy a faster bike. However, if you want to start quad biking as a hobby or if you will be traversing rough terrain then durability is an important consideration. Buying a used quad bike for sale will help cut costs.


Before committing to a purchase you should take the bike for a test drive. It is advisable to drive different models in order to find one that suits your individual needs. When you are assessing the quad bike review the specs of each bike including the details of the engine, transmission and brakes.


A 400cc engine is sufficient for general use but if you need a more powerful bike then a 500cc or 600cc engine is a better option. Four-wheel-drive is an essential requirement as this will allow you to tackle adverse terrain such as mud and steep hills. A push-button 4WD is a convenient option. An automatic transmission is suitable for utility quads but if you need a fast bike then you should choose a manual transmission. To ensure your safety check the type of brakes that the bike is fitted with and the condition that the brakes are in. Most bikes will have two front brakes as well as one back brake.


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