Advanced Driving courses – what to expect and how it can benefit you

Driving a car is fun, but for the motor enthusiasts who want more out of driving a car, seek that extra bit of thrill and excitement. We are to a certain extent limited to what we can and can’t do while driving on public roads, so it’s difficult to experience the full potential of what your car can offer.

A lot of people are unsure of what it means and entails to get your Advanced Drivers Licence, so here is what you can expect and look forward to…


Preparing you for the worst

Advanced Driving has been described as: “The ability to control the position and speed of the vehicle safely, systematically and smoothly, using road and traffic conditions to make reasonable progress unobtrusively, with skill and responsibility.”

Safety is the main factor when it comes to driving on our roads nowadays, so you need to help ensure your personal safety and the safety of others on the road. Obtaining an Advanced Driver’s license will not only give you practical driving experience, but also confidence to deal with potential dangers, from avoiding head on collisions, to the optimal way to respond in a hijacking situation.


Although most drivers think they are well off and feel confident behind the wheel, most accidents occur because of human error and Advanced Driving courses are designed to improve road safety by increasing the skill of the driver and equipping him/her with the appropriate driver response.


Before enrolling in one of the driving academies, make sure that you are capable of completing an Advanced Driving Course, these courses can be intense for some people and a lot to digest.


Advantages of Advanced Driving

  • It helps motorists become more alert, safer and competent drivers.
  • Installs confidence in the driver as they become more in control.
  • Proper understanding of your vehicle, helping you improve fuel consumption.
  • Proper synchronisation of brakes, clutch and gears.
  • Reduced levels of driving stress.

What to expect

In some instances you will get the chance to show some flair, and use your vehicle to great capacities through good observation and road positioning. In other instances you will be shown how to use proper restraint and composure in order to deal with unexpected situations.


There are many benefits to this training, whether you are looking at improving your driving skills or gaining confidence behind the wheel, it all adds up to a better drive. Remember that you need to take your surroundings into account and be alert when driving this festive season as you can’t predict what other drivers will do.

Here are some Advanced Driving courses in South Africa:

  1. Volkswagen Driving Academy
  2. Adrenalin Specialised Driving
  3. Toyota Advanced Driving
  4. Master Drive Advanced Driving Programs
  5. Audi Advanced Driving Experience
  6. Opel Advanced Driving Experience

If you are looking for a reliable vehicle in your area, then be sure to visit

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