BMW 1 Series: Powerful, dynamic and sporty

Powerful, dynamic and sporty the BMW 1 series was built to impress. If you are looking for the ultimate driving experience, you can purchase a BMW 1 series for sale to turn your dreams into reality. With its sleek appearance and luxurious interior the BMW series 1-series is a good buy.
bmw-1 series

The BMW 1 series includes 3-door vehicles such as the 116i and the 118i. The BMW 116i and 118i have TwinPower Turbo engines which offer drivers an outstanding performance. bmw-1-series-hatchbackThe 1.6 liter engines use innovative technology to offer an efficient vehicle with affordable petrol consumption.

The 116i has a 4-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 100 kW at 4400 r/min . The 118i has an engine with a maximum output of 125 kW at 4800 r/min. The maximum torque of the 116i is 220 Nm at 1350 r/min while the 118i model has a maximum torque of 250 Nm at 1500-4500 r/min. The fuel consumption of the 116i is 5.4 l/100km compared to the 118i’s 5.7 l/100km. The CO2 emission for the 116i is 125g/km and only marginally higher the 118i has emissions of 132g/km.

The BMW 1-series has excellent safety features to protect the occupants of the car. A camera assesses the vehicle’s surroundings and alerts the driver to any potential dangers. If another vehicle comes too close, the warning system will be activated which alerts the driver. When the vehicle exceeds speeds of 70 km/h, the warning system causes the steering wheel to vibrate if the vehicle changes lanes without indicating. Another feature of the warning system is that it helps prevent accidents by alerting the driver when the gap between the BMW and another vehicle is too small. The BMW 1-series camera monitors traffic signs and combines this information with data from the navigation system to help guide the driver via the display on the information panel. The state-of-the-art infotainment system offers BMW Connected app, Plugin and Internet. The Plugin facility allows drivers to connect their iPod to the Infotainment system.

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