Review the Tough and Powerful Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger’s rugged good looks and outstanding performance make it an awesome car for off-road adventures. Before looking for a Ford Ranger for sale, you can review the vehicle’s capabilities.  According to Ford the core value of the company is “never ending improvement” and this is reflected in the vehicles that Ford manufacturers. Ford is an international company and is one of the most successful  brands in the automotive industry. Ford Motor Company of South Africa was established in 1923 which creates local job opportunities. Over the years FMCSA has continued to produce top quality vehicles for the South African market.

  • Ford Ranger Dakar

Proudly South African, the powerful and tough Ford Ranger Dakar, is designed and manufactured in Pietermaritzberg, Kwa-Zulu Natal. The T6 Ford Ranger has a 5-litre V8 engine with a power of 260kW. This 4×4 weighs 1975kgs and has a six-speed sequential transmission. The rear brakes are water-cooled adding to the vehicle’s superior performance. Another noteworthy feature of this vehicle is that the double-cab has air-conditioning.

  • Ford Ranger

The 2.5i Base LR Single Cab’s engine has a power of 122 kW at 5 500 r/min. The engine displacement is 2488cc with a torque of 226 Nm at 4500 r/min. It has a 5-speed manual transmission. The engine immobilizer helps safeguard the vehicle against theft. This model has a 4-spoke steering wheel and power assisted steering which makes it easier to maneuver. The steering column can be tilted to suit the requirements of the driver. The glove box provides storage space for small items and it is illuminated to increase visibility at night. Additional storage space is provided by stowage bins inside the front door panels.

  • Accessories

There are many helpful accessories that you can include when you are buying a Ford Ranger. Headlamp guards protect the front lFord-Ranger-2014_interiorights from stones and they are UV resistant to decrease the risk of cracking. The durable headlamp guards are designed to complement the style of the Ford Ranger so they do not detract from the vehicle’s appearance. The tough Bull Bar is made from steel. It helps prevent damage to the front of the Ford Ranger and it was designed to decrease the danger of the Ford Ranger being disabled during an accident. Floor increase the durability of the vehicle’s interior under any weather conditions.

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