Newly Crowned Miss World and Miss SA wins a Volvo V40 T3

Rolene Strauss received her Volvo V40 T3 as part of her prize for winning Miss South Africa 2014, and then went on to win Miss World on 14 December 2014 at the ceremony in London.


On two previous occasions have we had South Africans named Miss World, and now 40 years after Anneline Kriel was crowned in 1974 we have a new beauty bringing back the world-renowned crown, but what she is currently driving is just as visually stimulating.


The stylish V40 is a medium sized hatchback and is extremely boastful with its safety features, being named the safest family car in 2012 by crash safety body Euro NCAP. Some of these standout safety features include driver’s knee airbags, rollover protection and a pre-crash safety system.

The Volvo V40 T3 is based on the Ford Focus design, but Volvo has given it its own personality by combining trends from its siblings for the interior. The centre console is based on the larger Volvo models but the digital instruments like the speedometer and indicators are a new design forming a perfect blend of old and new.


An interesting and fun feature that Volvo has added are the ambient light themes which gives you as the driver the ability to change the interior lighting to various different colours, depending on your mood.


The V40 is a good combination of fun and safety, its sporty look gives it a rebellious edge and under the bonnet the four-cylinder T3 is powered by a petrol 1.6 which uses a six-speed manual gearbox. An optional extra which Volvo offers is pedestrian detection, which detects the human profile within the vicinity and warns the driver.


The V40 may be safety orientated, but don’t let that fool you, it is extremely comfortable and great for travelling long distances. The V40 offers enough space inside and can easily accommodate 4 adults and luggage. The storage compartments are handy as it comes with a large glove box and door bins.

This is a great option for South Africa’s treasures and is perfectly suited for Miss World 2014.

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