Car safety checklist: Prepare for the long road

Make sure you have prepared your vehicle properly before tackling the highways and dirt roads. This guide might just save your life!

Driving long distances is always a true test for your car and it is essential that all parts are in good working condition, as even the smallest of problems can prove to be lethal to you and your family’s safety. We have compiled an important checklist for all motorists who will be embarking on their journeys.

  • Check your Brakes!


Book an appointment with your local mechanic or dealer well before you leave on your journey. Make sure the wheel alignment is right and your back and front brakes are fully operational. Going on gut feeling is simply not good enough.

  • Shocks and Springs


This might not seem that important…but it’s vital that your shocks, struts and springs are in good working condition, and if not, it would be strongly advised to replace them. After all, potholes can appear out of nowhere and your vehicle needs to be ready for anything.

  • Plan your trip


It would be advised to properly plan your trip in advance and carefully choose your roads and stops. This can save you valuable time and possible frustration. Remember regular intervals are crucial when travelling long distances so that you don’t end up stranded without having filled up.

  • Check the basics


Common roadside failures arise from instances where basic procedures were overlooked, like the usual oil change and engine air filter. People tend to overlook their transmission service, but this is one of the most important steps as it could prove to be a costly fix if problems do occur, and easily ruin any holiday. Another common vehicle failure is the cooling system, as it may be time for a coolant exchange or flush.

Remember, road trips are fun and exciting, but always prepare yourself for the worst as there is no guarantee that you will have smooth sailing on your trip. Having a roadside survival kit is not a bad idea, let’s rather be safe than sorry.

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