How to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage

With the festive season approaching, and all the excitement about leaving on holiday or flying abroad is growing, we tend to forget about the old faithful that gets left behind.

We know that storing a vehicle cannot be too difficult, but understanding how to prepare your car for long-term storage can actually save you long term maintenance and servicing. Here are some tips so that when you return from your festivities your vehicle is safely stored and as happy as you are:

1. Keep your vehicle covered


Whether you have a car cover, shaded netting or a garage, it is important to protect your vehicle from the elements. If you do not have access to any of these, we recommend you make use of a local public storage facility near you.

2. Make sure your battery is fully charged


If the battery stands still for a long period of time it will start to lose its charge. If you are planning to leave your vehicle for a lengthy period, try and organise with a family member or a friend to come start your car every now and again and drive it around for 5 minutes to regain some of the charge.

3. Top up on Fluids


This step is vital with long term storage of vehicles. Before you leave your vehicle for storage, top it up with fuel as a full tank will leave less air space for moist air to enter the engine and form condensation, preventing moisture and rust.

4. Keep the inside and outside of your vehicle clean


Make sure that all your trash has been thrown out, as old food packets and lunch boxes could leave you with a nasty surprise when you return from your venture. Give your vehicle a thorough wash and even a wax to prevent debris from staining your vehicle. Bird droppings, bee droppings and other stubborn stains can damage your paint.

5. Close all the holes


Make sure that all your windows are properly closed and your doors are properly shut to prevent small creatures and bugs from nesting inside your vehicle.

If you can follow these steps, then your vehicle will be well rested and ready for duty when you return home.

Struan Langlands

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