Suzuki bikes: Performance, power and prestige

Performance, power and prestige are all synonymous with the Suzuki brand. With their impressive legacy, Suzuki bikes are a good buy. It is possible to find cruiser, speed and off- road bikes for sale at affordable prices online.
Suzuki Bikes


Suzuki started out as a Loom works company in Japan. Although the company was founded in 1909, it only entered the motor market in 1952. A motorised bicycle with a displacement of 36cc was the first vehicle that Suzuki manufactured. After this initial release a motorised bicycle with a displacement of 60cc was sold to the public the following year. Since then the company has continued to produce mini vehicles, scooters, lightweight trucks, motorcycles and passenger vehicles. Suzuki motorcycles have proved their superior performance by speeding to victory in competitions such as the Isle of Man TT race. The Suzuki Swift was named RJC Japanese Car of the Year in 2011.

  • Suzuki Hayabusa

The 2015 Suzuki Hayabusa is any speed freak’s dream. The powerful l DOHC four-cylinder engine and lightweight frame allow drivers to hit speeds of 299 kph. The engine has a displacement of 1340cc and is liquid cooled. The Suzuki Hayabusa is easy to start with an electronic ignition. The Anti-lock Brake System is an important safety feature.

  • The KingQuad ATV

The 2015 KingQuad ATV delivers a smooth performance on any terrain. The King Quad is agile and it handles corners well. Redesigned for 2015 it offers more power than previous models. The improved exhaust system’s emissions are less harmful to the environment. Running costs are reduced by technology used to economise the ATV’s fuel consumption.


  • Suzuki DR650SE

The Suzuki DR650SE gives you the freedom to follow the road wherever it takes you. The four-stroke engine is air cooled with a displacement of 644cc. It is a comfortable ride with a well-designed seat and reduced vibration. The durable Suzuki DR650SE is able to handle adverse terrain making it a powerful off-road motorbike.

  • Suzuki 2015 TU250X

Drivers who enjoy escaping for the weekend, can enjoy cruising to holiday destinations on a Suzuki 2015 TU250X. The single-cylinder engine has a displacement of 249cc. The bike is comfortable to drive, making it suitable for longer trips. It handles corners well and the steering is responsive.

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