How to take the perfect #AutoMartSelfie

Want to enter Auto Mart’s exciting new competition that could win you your car installments up to R100,000 for a year, but not quite sure how to go about taking that “Selfie” that will make you stand out from the rest?

Here are a few tips on how to take the perfect #AutoMartSelfie:


  1. Take your Selfie with the banner at a participating dealership.
  2. Beware of bad shadows. Take a couple of test shots with your phone to find the perfect spot to stand so that bad shadows don’t fall on your face and ruin the Selfie.
  3. Position yourself correctly. The best is to stand right next to the banner, not blocking it. However if that is not possible, and the dealership has the banner in a spot that is tough to get to or stand next to, take the Selfie from a distance with the banner in the background.
  4. Smile. A smiling face is an attractive face…
  5. Be creative. If you want to wear a funny hat or outfit, hug the banner, do an air-split in front of the banner, go for it. That’ll make for a cool Selfie!

For more great “Selfie” taking tips and awesome filters you can use, click here.

The competition closes 30 April 2015, so go on and take your #AutoMartSelfie today and post it to Auto Mart’s Facebook page and share it with your friends!

For competition details and T&C’s, click here.

Liezl Grobler

Digital Copy Editor & SEO Writer @ Junk Mail Publishing

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