Ford Mustang 2015: The epitome of confidence and success

Power. Affordability. Style. The 2015 Ford Mustang has it all. For thousands of people the Mustang is a dream car, and with its blend of classic design and modern technology we at Auto Mart can see why. Indulge yourself by buying the latest model on the market so that you can cruise the city streets in style. The Ford Mustang epitomises confidence and success with its good looks and luxurious interior.
2015_Ford_MustangMustangs have been impressing car enthusiasts since 1964. The new models uphold Mustang’s legacy while keeping up-to-date with current trends. The redesigned Mustang is the pinnacle of Ford engineering. If you are looking for muscle cars for sale South Africa has a range of models to choose from including the Mustang V6, Ecoboost and GT. Find a classic Mustang for sale or buy the latest model to enjoy the comforts of modern technology.

The Mustang V6 has a 3.7 litre 300 horsepower engine with a displacement of 3.7L. The engine has 4 main bearings and a 10.5:1 compression ratio. The Mustang Ecoboost has a 2.3L 310 horsepower engine with a displacement of 2.3L. The engine has 5 main bearings with a 9.5:1 compression ratio. The breath-taking Mustang GT offers drivers a top quality performance with a 5.0L 435 horsepower engine. The engine has 5 main bearings with a compression ratio of 11.0:1.The 2015 models have aluminium engines with a 6 speed manual transmission. These cars are suitable for small families as four people can fit inside and the 13.5L trunk offers ample storage space.

Designed with the customer’s needs in mind, the latest Mustang has seats that can recall the driver’s preferred position. The glove compartment is illuminated to improve visibility. Other features include a compartment for sunglasses as well as cup holders. The driver’s seat is sportier than previous models and it is easy to adjust. The shifter is practically placed so that obstacles don’t get in the way, and the 2015 models have a more spacious interior than their predecessors.

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