How to Buy a Car Privately

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There is an abundance of cars for sale in Johannesburg and buyers are spoilt for choice. SUVs, workhorses and family cars can be found online. Cars for sale by owner can be an affordable option if you are looking for a second hand vehicle. Buying a used car privately can be made easier by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Check Your Budget

Calculate your budget before looking for vehicles. Determining how much you have to spend is an important first step as private sellers usually expect payment to be made in cash. Unlike some dealers, private sellers don’t offer financial plans. When you are working out your costs, take into account any repairs the car may need, insurance prices and the expense of having the vehicles assessed by a mechanic. Alternatively, arrange financing with a bank before you start looking for cars. If you leave financing to the last minute you may lose your dream car to someone else.

  • Browse Car Advertisements

Do your research first by looking through car advertisements to see what is available in your price range. Find cars that meet your personal requirements and compare the costs of each model. Look at the car’s specs, safety features and extra trims. Detailed advertisements are indicative of a car savvy seller who is more likely to have maintained their vehicle properly. Detailed ads also give you the opportunity to review the car properly before arranging a test drive.

  • Look for Reputable Brands

It is advisable to buy a vehicle that was manufactured by a reputable brand. Manufacturers that produce reliable and durable vehicles are preferable. Look for vehicles that are cheap to maintain and ones that are easy to find spare parts for. Ask about the car’s fuel consumption to evaluate running costs of the vehicle.

  • Meet the Seller

Contact the seller at a convenient time meet_the_sellerwhen they are able to offer you additional information. Prepare questions regarding the car’s condition, features and engine capabilities. Arrange to meet the seller in a public place and take someone with you for additional safety. It is advisable to take someone along who is knowledgeable about cars, or take the car to a mechanic before you commit to the sale.

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