Mercedes Benz C Class: The ultimate in comfort and style

The Mercedes Benz C Class is a sought after car worldwide and with its smooth lines and luxurious interior we at Auto Mart can see why. If you are looking for a car that offers the ultimate in comfort and style, then the Mercedes Benz C Class is a good buy. Updates from the previous model include improvements to the interior and a wider range of features.


The Mercedes C-Class is being manufactured in Germany, China, America and South Africa. The new model is larger, offering taller drivers more space and the features are in line with what car enthusiasts would usually associate with the E-Class.

The vehicle is 95mm longer than the last model and four adults can fit inside the car comfortably. The size of the boot has been increased to 480 litres allowing more space for luggage. Despite its increase in size the C-Class is 100kgs lighter than older models due to a lighter engine and the use of advanced technology.


The safety of the driver and passengers is enhanced by the vehicle’s ability to automatically remain in its lane, keep a safe space between other vehicles and stop when people dart across the road. The Mercedes Benz C Class is also equipped with a safety kit for use in emergencies.

New Features of the Mercedes Benz C Class:

The sleek interior boasts a touchscreen display which can be used like a smartphone and drivers can access information on their travelling speed as well as directions for different routes. Buyers can choose between three different styles, including an upmarket Avantgarde trim, sophisticated Exclusive option or a sporty AMG finish.

The powerful engine has a fast start-up and drivers can reach high speeds quickly in this new improved model. The Mercedes Benz C Class has an idle-stop function and six speed manual transmission. This model offers drivers a smooth ride and handles corners well. The steering is responsive and the suspension is automatically regulated according to the road conditions.

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