Travel in Style with the Golf 5 GTI

Cruise around Johannesburg in style with the Golf 5 GTI. Whether you need to be at a business meeting or want to take advantage of the city’s vibrant nightlife, the Golf GTI will take you where you want to go. The Golf 5 GTI offers a comfortable ride for longer trips and with locations like Magaliesberg nearby it is a good buy if you enjoy spending weekends out of the city.


The Golf 5 GTI offers car enthusiasts exciting updates such as:

A new and improved grill, double exhaust pipes and 17-inch alloy wheels – making it one of the popular cars for sale. This model has five doors and the suspension has been lowered. The Golf 5 GTI has a powerful two litre engine with a 200 hp. The Golf 5 GTI for sale is a popular choice for prospective buyers because of the vehicle’s trendy image and top quality design.

The interior is designed to impress and the black leather seats add to the car’s sophisticated style. Production of this model began in 2004 by Volkswagen. The rev counter reaches 300 kph and the speedometer can read up to 300 kph. Drivers of the Golf 5 GTI can switch on cruise control for added comfort and air conditioning is an essential feature during the hot summer months. Front fog lights increase visibility during bad weather and the radio provides listeners with good audio quality.


The Golf 5 GTI weighs 500kgs more than the first model but this is balanced by the engine’s increased power. The car offers drivers a fast start as it can reach 100kph in 7.2 seconds. The fuel tank volume is 55 litres and the boot offers 1305 litres of storage space. The Golf GTI 5 has six gears with an option of manual or automatic transmission and it can reach speeds of 235 kph.

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