Yamaha Bikes: Powerful, durable and reliable

If you love exhilarating adventures then you will not be disappointed by Yamaha bikes. Yamaha bikes offer you the perfect way to escape for the weekend and enjoy South Africa’s beautiful coastline and dramatic scenery. Popular destinations for a road trip include Cape Town, Kruger National Park and the Drakensberg. The durable bikes handle off road trips well but they are also comfortable vehicles for cruising through cities.


About Yamaha:

Yamaha is a public automotive company which was founded in 1995. The Japanese manufacturer sells motorbikes and marine products. One of the company’s first bikes for sale was the YA-1 and this vehicle was victorious in the Mount Fuji Ascent Race. This was the beginning of Yamaha’s involvement with motorsports, which has played a vital role in the development of the company. Since then Yamaha has come first in 36 world championships and famous riders include Kenny Roberts, Wayne Rainey as well as Ben Spies. Other products manufactured by this company include scooters, boats, golf carts, snowmobiles and generators. Since its inception, Yamaha has risen to become one of the best Japanese manufacturers well known for its sports bikes and cruisers.

Yamaha-engine-viewYamaha-engine-parts Yamaha-motorcycle-driver-front-view

The original bikes were simple and inexpensive with a single cylinder engine and a 125 cc. In 1969 a four stroke 650cc model was manufactured and in 1998 a 1000cc model was released. An innovative gearbox design was introduced in 1998, which made the unit more compact, enhancing the handling capabilities of the bikes. Yamaha currently manufactures motorbikes from 50cc to 1 900cc. The brand is renowned for producing powerful bikes that are both durable and reliable. Latest models such as the Yamaha YZ250 FX have six gears, an electric start and a quick adjust clutch. Other bikes for sale include the Yamaha YZF-R3 which features an offset cylinder, slanted dual headlights and a parallel-twin engine.

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How does it feel driving a Yamaha?

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